The Art of Love


At 18 I felt such a great love within me that I had an epiphany. I had always heard that God was Love. If I felt that Love so Immense within me, and if God was Love, then God was within me.

* I feel Love inside me.

* God is love.

* God is inside me.

When I told this to some people, it was very strange. How can God be within us? But for me, there, at that moment, in 1999, before the turn of the millennium, the first time my Love was rejected, I found God within me. A simple but profoundly transformative reasoning. Perception became Feeling and Root of a Path, the Cross and Glorification!

Rejection, the much-feared rejection! Not being loved, not being enough, not being... not being... not being... not being so much... the throat contracts and there is a squeeze of tears that comes from a place so big that it doesn't even seem like this Earth. The Art of Love has the gift of making you an extra-terrestrial entity. Rise or sink in a state of perception that you don't understand, sometimes it opens gaps in space/time, sometimes it lights the fire of pain, sometimes it kills the illusion, sometimes it resurrects the truth, sometimes it penetrates your body in millions and millions of invisible and visible forms, Chaos made concrete in your cells, hands that tremble, voice sobbing... and the most imperceptible Light coming from the most distant Star awakens in a Prayer and in your eyes... suddenly something disappears, and Suddenly there is so much energy and stunning Joy! Here is God's Creation manifesting itself in your body... Love, whose center of gravity is simultaneously within You and the Source.

When a part of you dies, when you are rejected, when you are so suffocated that you can't even breathe properly... what remains is the opportunity for Unification. We all "die" one day. But for those who feel the evidence of eternal life, how many times can one die and be reborn in one life?

Denying the Love that is felt because we feel the pain of loss, that is, feeding the pain with anger towards someone, is going against yourself. Surrendering to pain, crying over it and lighting a prayer in the heart so that Self-Consciousness awakens, is accessing the Great Inner River, is building the Heart and making it an open Sea, is making the Heart a Temple and igniting the flame of Self-Purification, It is giving the Heart its Place in the Universe - your Heart within the Heart of God the Father/Mother! Here is the Key: never, ever fall into the illusion of guilt, understand the energy that moves within you and release it in a scream, in crying, express everything, but understand - it is not the other who "does you harm", the your anger is the energy of a lie moving inside your body so that you can be purified! It is the movement of the Ascension itself!

And forgive? How is it possible to forgive? The Law of Forgiveness exists, but it is not within the realm of our ego's perception. The Law of Forgiveness is a vibration, part of Divine Consciousness, it acts in our hearts from Surrender. The Law of Forgiveness has nothing to do with human justice. Forgiveness is like a "universal nervous system" that pacifies and integrates what is still fragmented. You can make forgiveness a mysterious prayer... you can dance forgiveness, you can paint, express forgiveness in many ways, but your ego doesn't understand it, it has no way of accessing it, because it is part of timeless Wisdom! It is a Mystery that purifies your Body, your body that is heir to so much Pain that you don't even know exists within you. Pain from your lineage, pain from this and other lives... Forgiveness acts far beyond this place where you find yourself... Forgiveness is an action of the Spirit! You can only give yourself to him! Instead of punishing the other, "embrace" them in words and in silence. Go to the root of your reaction and turn on the light of conscience - then, surrender to the simplicity of the evidence... it is not in your hands.

All the pain you feel is "invention", traumas, dramas of a confused ego, but pain is also the Loving Virtue of Life! All the pain you feel is Loving Virtue building your Divinity! "Accept yourself in your Spiritual and Divine Dimension" - disappointment tells you! Go beyond what you already know, go beyond everything, Surrender to Your Cosmic Waters! The Golden Hour has arrived! It's your turn to be reborn!

The Art of Love can take away your voice, it can make fires run through your chest, turn your body into a stone that sinks into the sea... the Art of Love fears nothing! It is consistent all the way to the cell, and integrates everything, absolutely everything into the Life that wants to be more Life!

And behold, we have a Life to Live and we are aware of so little! And that's why here is Love, always ready to invite you to the presentiment, the sensation, the emotion, the feeling... ready, at every moment, to make you feel everything that is immersed in ignorance. And that person you love, who reflects everything you don't yet know about yourself, that person who makes you "suffer", loss, is actually your salvation... your great opportunity to ascend!

When Love comes from higher authorities, from a life plan, from a mission, it is Immense to the point of bending you to the deepest Humility, it is impossible to stop loving! To the point of total surrender, you love, you love above all things! It is said to be Exuberance, Magnificence, Omnipresence, Pure Joy - Divine Love! Yes, it is possible to incarnate this Presence, in fact, there is no other Path than this! When being with the person you love is the same as a prayer, love never ends, it is for life!

So say yes to Love! Feel the pain, but don't turn it into suffering, rather - Magnify it! Cry everything and make tears a Crystalline River... where your Gifts and your built Heart are manifested in all Its Truth, placing itself at the Service of Your Ascension!

May the Will of Father/Mother God be done on Earth.