Our Beauty


I am picking white petals from the sky, one by one, as I sink my feet into the Love of the Earth. The extension of my fingers is everyone who breathes, I breathe with them, and I direct my touch to them, to, sensitively, hand over my nourished hands to Nature. May I know, Mother Earth, what Intelligence it is to know You. White, the Light also begins in my body, because You are illuminated by Light; thus, from my body in a continuous rainbow (the wise man who always changes my words) I will leave again and again with You, to the highest leaf and the deepest root.

What hides within us is what hides beyond the dark sky. I open my hands and hold them open, they are white petals that fall between my fingers. At my feet, I will make them whole roses, because it is up to me to place the lines of my palms on the earth and with them unite what was taken away from the entirety. On my path there are so many petals, so much music, so full the sky, so many roses! May I reach you with them, because happiness is not having your hands loaded, happiness is handing them over to who they belong to... to all of us and to the Earth!