Ariel and the dragonfly


Ariel segura a minha mão para oferecer-me um verso - Uma floresta inteira no pulso da tua vida e no centro da floresta o teu ouro - Eu Sou. 

From the wrist comes the line that takes the forest air to the Heart. Forest, who are you here in my hand? Ariel gives it a voice, to the green that pulses, and says... I am the End and I am the Beginning. Fill your lungs, climb the trunk of that Tree to the sky so you can see for yourself - the Fact. Ariel says, in your prayers your body fills your lungs with new Air! It is concrete Poetry in the ramifications of the internal impulses of your Sacred Body. Ariel shows me a dragonfly that states the Fact drawn in its flapping wings - You are no longer who you were. The "Lioness of God", Ariel, draws the circle of the full moon, hissing vowels and letters that shine, as if they were leaves, birds and sparks of the stars entering the body.

Brilliance as a divine gift is closely linked to Courage. The sweetest whisper of the river and the loudest cry of thunder merge in the line of Pure Action. Where there is Courage there is no typical manipulation behavior that leads humans to dead ends.

But, what is Courage?

There is an instant at the point where the end and the beginning merge, where only the void and the black exist. No spark is visible because the emptiness is total. All human beings are called to know this place but the ego mechanisms that appeal to the survival of the conditioned "persona" activate the impulses of fear... the ego tries in every way to invent arguments against facts, even if to do so it has to suffocate an entire forest... that is there, ready to be Life and Courage in the palm of your hand. Courage is remaining in the place of the dark void where everything ends and begins, Courage is simply being loyal.

Brilliance comes from internal impulse and is not governed by other people's opinions, it is governed by facts. Ariel sings with the dragonfly: breathe and open your voice from the center of your most sparkling solitude, that place of the Magnificent Song where everything ends and begins, you are in the Place of Creation!

First of all, always sing for yourself and for the God manifest in the elements from which you are made: water, fire, earth and air... Your Song is Pure Nature here! Your Voice is so beautiful! It's a fact!

Ariel, lioness of God, keeps her song in my hand and before leaving, open, open, open my Heart, which enters the Heart of God to feel the pulse of the Great Cycles of Life. In me and in one Body, the human rhythm, the telluric rhythm and the celestial rhythm. The love is here.