Ars Poetica - Miguel Gullander


"I wanted to be like this child who translates the great telluric dynamics, incomprehensible and unfathomable, into visualizable feelings. I wanted to feel like the catalyst, the one who gently forces into you - from you - the enormity of the star in the night, that formless cloud, the only wave. I wanted, gently, to blow into the tight chests the spicy bright dust, because, directly, we cannot see the evidence, nor feel the miracle, taste the juice of divinity in each inspiration , in every drop of salt - in the wind that blows between foliage virgin to human eyes. I want to ingrain in my tongue - I want to chew completely - the questions of who we are, who I am, and this self that I speak of is you also, the only self that exists, because, if you look closely, in this entire life of yours, how many "I"s have you known? Only your self. Both yours and my existence point to the obvious - there is only this one self. That one and single Consciousness. And I want to pose these questions in a sacred way - ars poetica - so that I can try to contribute to the sanity of this society that has stopped asking questions, sitting and listening to silence, or trying to feel the words of another of its brothers. There are so few soul translators - and I wanted to serve as that man, that writer, that human element that serves as a link, that re-connects the great dynamics and patterns... of the star, the sand, the sea, the volcano, the moon, in understandable, acceptable language, mediated by these fingers that write, as a catalyst - this human being, the true writer, link between universes, the bridge between the macrocosm and the microcosm, the translator - the one who translates and transports to the hearts of men that which nature sings, murmurs and roars through invisible, subconscious, formless forces - primordial, pure."

in Perdido de volta de Miguel Gullander