Azrael and Whiteness


Listen to each syllable of a new word, a hissing white body comes to transform a single letter into pyramids and sound spheres, a verse, a poem, Poetry into a lyric!

I would say Mannigfaltigkeit - Multiplicity at the starting point. To take you to the Principle Azrael brings white flowers in his lap, they are the same flowers that take on the vibrant color of the Sacred Flames along the initiate's Path!

Then Azrael sings:

... white body, white body, oh complete serenity, only You have this look upon yourself, is there anything more perfect?

While singing, Azrael cleans the initiate's clothes, exhaling the perfume of the rose given to him by Mary:

White body, white body, how great You are at this moment, closing your eyes to the outside and opening them to the inside!

When talking about Archangels, Poetry is the favorite guest! In and between the verses there is the luminescence of silences, which once understood, become embedded in the matter of the Body, of this Body... and that is why Azrael sings:

White Body, White Body, there is nothing more than this moment, white, yellow or pink, the flower has already opened beyond time!

The initiate accepts the offering and allows the body to be an open space for a swarm of loving melodies. The new word that entered the water takes as long as necessary until the purpose is manifested:

White body, white body, how beautiful is this Path! How beautiful the fruits, how beautiful Your Innocence!