Gabriel and the spiral


Gabriellit my fingertips with spirals to unshape the shapes of the past. Gabriel tells me softly, the words are now mine and yours, let us shape the matter, as everything happens now!

Gabriel moves me and gives me the vision of an immense universe with luminous spirals as far as the eye can see, and there is also the black, and I would once say with fear... the void! Gabriel tells me with the most tender eyes of Love that we can imagine... what do your eyes see in the dark? When you cried with fear, I was always there by your side, and I was waiting for this moment that was already there to ask you... why are you waiting if everything happens now? What do your eyes see in the dark?

The silence lingers and Gabriel responds... Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Do you understand?

Gabriel smiles as he once did, in his hands he holds the light of the spirals, to give them to me, now that I have surrendered to his and my empty miracle!

I sigh and say to him: Gabriel, what lives inside me now and is about to be born? Nothing, absolutely nothing... everything, absolutely everything.

The Crystal is born!