Jesus in my heart


Jesusin my Heart, the Impetus of Movement, the Strength, the Joy, the Faith, the Divine Love!

In June 2013, moments before the rehearsal with a beautiful Orchestra at Quinta das Lágrimas, a man in his early 80s approached me and started a very beautiful dialogue, which ended with this sentence... "Art has to have the spirituality of Jesus Christ", he also told me that he was named after Jesus' grandfather and grandmother. He used a cane, a friendly stranger who left me intrigued and very grateful for the unexpected sharing. At that time in my life, something new was showing itself inside me, something that made me kneel and cry, see images inside me that made my whole body tremble, open my arms and accept, accept, accept... at that time of my life I clung to prayer as if it were the boat that would save me from an ocean of storms, and I called her so much, so much, that She arrived and said to me in a dream while leaving me safe and sound on the beach, you can open my eyes... I opened my eyes as She told me, feeling the sea water discovering my face, and everything was luminous, blue, everything was perfect and all the darkness had disappeared! ... The fears, the same ones that gave strength to my words and made them real, deep, flesh of my flesh, such was the fervor and the Will to free myself, were the platform for my mental body to calm down while the power of the Mystery, the Angels and the Guides, dissolved my fears. Clinging to Mary's rosary, portals opened inside me as I meditated on the mysteries of Jesus' life, tears ran down my face without knowing why... it was the Revelation of something very intimate, the Revelation of my Cosmic Freedom. A luminous spiral appeared and the Words gained strength and strength, until the poison disappeared and I recognized the veils of illusion that fed my fears. And there She was, Mary, planting a Tree in my Heart, and bringing me as Star of the Sea that Is, the boat where I would sail Life away... my gifts showed themselves in the palms of my hands, pearls which I will always deliver to the Sea in the deepest gratitude!

Jesusin my Heart is in part a memory of this incarnation, but the way in which he reveals himself is absolutely timeless and beyond known space. Mary showed me Jesus because I called her and the way she showed herself, being within a culture, is not of the culture, not even of the Earth. It is Stellar and it made me feel the Evidence that I too am Stellar. And as Stars, we are here to Love by being Divine Love.

Jesus, this Jesus who shows himself within us, is a Portal for the revitalization of the crystalline network that expands in a wonderful way on our Beloved Planet! The Flame of Resurrection is Alive and is increasingly Life in our own Life!

Jesus who is born and reborn, my strength, my Bow and Arrow, my Song, boat and wind that blows the sail, you take my gaze to every corner of this Planet, to recognize that I myself am in Everything that lives, and that everything that lives is in me. In the Wisdom of other ancestral Cultures, to the north, south, east and west, all names shine in the same Essence, the Consciousness of Unity, which emanates from Your Heart. Indian or Hindu, Symbol or Leaf, Sun or Bonfire, when we open our Heart, nothing separates us from anything!

Jesus, you are born and reborn in my heart, With You I Walk! Welcome once again to Earth and to my Heart! Now and ever!