The Angel in the Physical Body


 "Corruet Iste Locus Pini: Conceptio Vero, Cum Unda Dabit Flammas, Et Dabit Ignis Aquas. MDCCLVII". 

"This pine place will flow: the conception is true, when the wave will give the flames and the fire will give the waters. 1857". Inscription in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Quinta do Pinheiro - Porto

Fire and water

Sun and sea

Light and Substance

The Angel in the Physical Body "acts as the eyes of God."

Symbols and metaphors are like portals of access to the multidimensionality of Being. The Meditative Concert "O Toque dos Anjos" ended with a song I wrote in 2017 to reveal the complete spectrum of a Timbre. The Latin phrase was an offering that expressed itself like a kaleidoscope in music and life. The piano created sound waves - tremors that paint the sun's shine on the sea waves. The melody opened the Voice like a Solar Ray that penetrates the harmony of the chords and the reverberation of the space. The space contains the vibration of that mysterious phrase, which was recorded at Lugar da Quinta do Pinheiro. The pine tree represents robustness and vigor, honesty and is also a symbol of immortality.

The Angel in the Physical Body exists unconditionally. There's no time. His identity is not known to us - his cellular inscription is not earthly, it is galactic.

Names like Miguel, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Ariel, Zadquiel... names whose vibration, once integrated into the body of the word, "lights the fire within the waters". Decoding the metaphors: fire is the Will, which impels Pure Action. This Action has as its source the Inner Power and is not governed by the impulses of the mind that manipulates and varies the principles according to its wants and concepts. Will is multidimensional and ignites at the base of the spine with the upward movement that activates the Flow of Creation. The name of this flow takes different forms depending on the culture, but the name, after all, is not the most important thing, but rather the way we sing it and bring it to Life. The water in the body is infused with sensations that highlight the mystery, you intensely feel the feeling that opens your eyes... to act like the eyes of God.

The silence that remained after the concert, from the sound waves of the piano and the gong and the shine of the crystals, is an invitation for the Body to stay, the Body that wants to witness the depth of the silence.

Is it human to act like the eyes of God? If God is in everything... it is up to each one to complete the sentence.

Grandiosity, the "I Am that I Am", as an inner affirmation that confirms our state of multidimensional Being, calls for our liberation. Until we recognize the Greatness within us, the Angel in the Physical Body is at the service of the radical deconstruction of our limiting beliefs.

The question that arises is... being human and limited, how can we anchor the unlimited within the Body?

Sings - "Dance the Life in me, Dance the Angel in me".

The answer I give is sung and danced and calls for grace, for simple and easy change... the meandering of the golden river. The answer I give has no time, it is a sound wave, a whisper and a scream fused in the Voice, in the movement, in the Gift... in the Divine Gift, in Beauty.

Unveil and Know your Gifts and You will Know the Angel in You! He has no equal, so act like the eyes of God... look inside yourself, don't compare yourself to anyone, celebrate the simplest fact of being Alive!

Be Great! Be Full! Be Fire and Water in one place -

in Your Voice... in Your Eternal Love!

2 testimonies of the Concert:

"An immense joy opened my chest. The smile remained on my face, right at the beginning of the meditation. I saw, a gap opened in the chest of light. Black pieces detached from my body and each detached piece appeared light, a weight left with each piece. And my chest opened so much that it hurt from opening so much, at the bottom a diamond covered with black and gray mud, it struggled to be seen. With each beat of the drum the mud crumbled and I heard I Am What I'm..."

"...My chest opened, my heart openeduuu, I felt my wings opening, I felt myself transforming into an eagle and flying, flying, flying into space. Pure happiness. Do you have any idea what you're doing in us and what through you and us you spread to the Whole? You are clear. You are a Whole, Wonderful Being!! Immense gratitude!"