The Song of the Forest - Meditative Concert


Sound, as a substance that vivifies our Body, has the Power to transport us to very deep places, which relate to Oneness, ours and that of the collective. The Song of the Forest is that Sound that takes us to the Center of Breathing. Root and Sap nourish the dance and the scream that opens with all its pure Power! Mine and our Open Cry echoing in the Throat of the Universe... our Planetary Green opens our lungs so that in return we sing an audible and powerful Yes to Life, a Yes that nullifies all fragmentation within our magnificent and beautiful diversity!

The Meditative Concert "O Canto da Floresta" by Escola Voz da Terra opened my Heart to this universal space, I felt the Body Power and the Voice Power, not because I am it in comparison to others, but because I am it with others, in deep and sacred equality with others. This Personal Power appeals to the new Always! Sacred Personal Power communes directly with movement, change... the new Air! The Power of One is this Green Forest, seen simultaneously through a magnifying glass and from Space... perfect, the diversity that sustains Life, the diversity that Sings Beauty, that of Mother Earth and Ours! Gratitude to everyone present... I will forever keep our Sound together in my heart! The Power of each one, mine and ours! Beauty - pure Beauty!

I share two testimonies from the concert:

"Each concert with Ana Maria Pinto proves to be a sensorial journey. The feeling that stays in my body, goes beyond any words that I can print on paper. In the concert "O canto da Floresta" I felt like I was incorporating the living being that the Earth is. I was the deepest and most solid root, brought by the sound of the gong together with the vocals, transforming me into the very earth that supports it. In this dance between instruments and voice, the sap of the tree of life also flowed through my body. The drum brought the spirit to the body, which moved to the rhythm of Ana's voice, as if incorporating the movement of an entire jungle. The animal voice, which screams, was created in the body, helping to reestablish its balance. In the end , I was flooded by a feeling of timeless space, where everything that existed was just a pure emanation of white light brought by the lotus flower. It is with complete confidence that I always give myself to all the work that Ana Maria Pinto develops." Susana Brandão

"I was gently guided into the interior of the forest where I merged with its Deep Green. In this fusion, a surprisingly beautiful Voice transported me to other Dimensions of my Being. I became One with the Universe. I was then called, by the rhythm of Nature , releasing My cry, my Voice, finding my center of Power, Strength and Pleasure. Pure liberation! And behold, calm arrived, announced by the song of blue birds... a melody from the Heavens. What a journey! How much Love! How much delivery! So much gratitude!" Diana Ferreira