The Beauty of Wrinkles


Today, when I looked at a detail of my wrinkles, which stood out to me, I felt something difficult to describe. But I'm going to try, because I feel like it's worth it, even if the words fall short of what I feel! For as long as I've been on this planet, the beauty of the body has been a topic that generates internal conflicts in many people... in all of them, I would even say... whether it's because of the desire to please someone, or because of the sadness of seeing features falling out due to the effect of the passage of time.

When I looked at my wrinkles today I felt something like a Power that comes from a place that doesn't seem like here, a Power of Beauty that is beyond this more apparent beauty. Perhaps the Beauty typical of the colors in the Cosmos... I also felt that by contemplating these wrinkles with so much Love I could rescue a part of me that lives in all of Us! The Beauty that makes us unique and One at the same time! So that's what I felt, I felt the Power of God Time combined with the Power of Self-Love... as a One Force! A Force that is the radical Acceptance of what Is, and that ends up nourishing the Body with the energy that is truly due to it... the energy of Peace!

And I feel that we all now have a great opportunity, due to the extremes in which we live (since today cell phone filters, masks, the effects of social networks and the image we want to portray of ourselves are becoming absurd), to access to this internal Power! Simply because we all get tired one day of being what we are not, or of fighting against what we are!

Since the full moon in crab I have had dreams every day, deeply symbolic! Dreams that I can interpret thanks to the attention I have always given to the unconscious and the world of symbols! Thanks also to Poesia that I invited into my daily life as my best friend! I don't want to "boast" with this, or anything like that, I share this feeling because it is profoundly beautiful, and because I feel that as time goes by I am freeing myself from illusory conceptions that imprisoned me especially in my adolescence and that marked me for life. I would like to invite everyone to contemplate the features of their bodies, especially the wrinkles on their faces, feeling that Time is a great Ally of Self-Love, and not the opposite (as is currently instilled in us)... and I also invite because I have in me a serene conviction that it is within everyone's power to accept and integrate all the lessons that time teaches us in a peaceful way and without internal conflicts!

Everything is love! Love in the Sense of edifying ourselves as Body Consciousness! Combining exterior and interior through this Great and Immense Love of Embracing Yourself! I share three photos from my 41st birthday taken by the magnificent Daniela Gandra at Quinta do Vilar in the Douro Valley! With a kiss full of Love from my Adored Paula Sá, a Woman to whom I bow before her Wisdom, before her Beauty, her Great and Immense Love!