From silence I make a spiral of Joy to praise Universal Love!

Discover Estúdio Jardim da Novaterra! An interconnection of spaces in nature for artistic creation!

"...Each song is a living map that describes a specific route: the course of a river, a mountain or a forest. If we put together all these songs, which are transmitted from generation to generation, and which appear in dreams, we would compose the map of Australia". Australian Aboriginal culture.

Between the sea and the sky, the water gods sing: In Lak'ech! The body opens in flower, pure essence on Earth!

An essential part of life in our ancient cultures was the daily practice of singing about the Earth and to the Earth. The songs and musical instruments were created with the purpose of reminding human beings of their origin and purpose on the Planet. The tactus (pulse) of traditions kept people united and connected with Nature. The first song thus appears as a link with the natural world - its genesis is rooted in the intuitive perception of the movements of the forces of nature. The texts of those songs report the variations resulting from the cycles of nature, the lunar phases, the observation of the stars, the waves of the sea, the forces of rivers and winds and the entire multifaceted reality of nature, as well as the game of mirrors between the telluric life and human life.

All the projects I develop seek to address the multifaceted nature of life, giving relevance to the expression of the micro and macrocosm! At the root of a voice is the same root of another voice, universal love being water and pure joy being the sun! With a sensitive look, and with my heart anchored in what is greater than me, in the vast immensity of the stars and in the flower that opens, I dedicate all the strength of my creativity to the awareness of Natural Life on Planet Earth, singing and singing. ! As we human beings are intimately connected to everything that belongs to the great cycles that characterize this wonderful home, which we also affectionately call Mother Earth, we have an absolutely extraordinary point of connection in our voice, the voice frees, heals and elevates!     


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