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In a deeply intuitive approach, attentive to the individual Self and the Self within the circle, and based on the experience of the voice in its broadest spectrum, the Voz da Terra School offers a new ground and a new and stellar look at why we are from the earth. Merged, the sense of belonging and the Great and Immense Love, awakened in the Voice, show the Flame of the Inner Child, the vehicle of creation, the vehicle of pure joy, healing, lucidity... the vehicle of the Path Home. Within the circle, other circles, from here and beyond memory, form and reveal themselves to support a Key Instant, the instant in which our body is a mirror of other mirrors, the instant in which we recognize the face of our lineage , the face of Earth's ancestry and the face of the Great Cosmic Beauty! In the eyes of those who look at you, and in your own eyes, the Source appears, and Your Voice cries out: What Name do you give Him!? What is Your Name and the Name of what connects you to the Source? What is that Sound that you give to your Words? Do you know your Sound? The Voice of your Mastery? - Your Voice knows You, Our Voice knows Us! In your Sound lives the Wild Animal and the Angel - the Verb Principle of Everything|Nothing activates the conscious energetic exchange Earth|Cosmos in your Body through Your Voice! The Voice of the Earth is the Sound Sphere and the Line of Light, the Circle of Universal Love for the manifestation of Your Mastery!

O som, a voz da Ana Maria e o Propósito ao qual ela se entrega confiante na sua própria guiança, que lhe chega de Esferas Superiores, nos vão permeando e dissolvendo os véus que separam a ilusão da Realidade. E ... vamos, passo a passo, liberando as amarras que nos prendem a uma matrix e recordando quem verdadeiramente somos. Isso é liiindo, é libertador, é, posso até dizer, perturbador em certos momentos, de tal forma é impactante. Sinto que é para isso que a Vida nos está a convidar, no atual momento que vivemos enquanto Humanidade. Recordarmos quem realmente somos. Tilde Carneiro. Testemunho de Concerto Meditativo 

Testimonials Courses

Sara Velho

Landscape Architect

The desire and confidence that led me to this course have been evident since I entered the Voz da Terra space. Guided by Ana Maria, Master in the wisdom of voice, intonations, words, songs, and Master in the intuition and clarity of rescuing in each of the women what was to be exposed at each moment, an unparalleled path was experienced to the rescue of the Wild Voice, the true, simple, honest Voice, with the strength of the Womb, with the discernment of the Crown and in connection with the Heart, the one that arises from surrender to the depths of Mother Earth and the Divine. The days, which seemed timeless, also became a dive into Being a Woman, in its entirety, in its strength and vulnerability, in its richness, beauty and sacredness. The Woman who welcomes, integrates, acts and cares in Truth and Love. At the same time, we come together as Sisters, Equal and Unique in expression, in a space where everything is right. Every word. Every gesture. Every recognition. Every revelation. Every contraction and pattern exposed. Every smile. Every joy. Every pain felt. Every tear. Every New. There we were and at the same time anywhere else, among the elements of nature, on top of the hill, jumping in the river, diving in the ocean or in the middle of the city. I am very grateful for your transmission and sharing Ana Maria, for each sister and for this space of communion, which made the Voice of the Earth reborn in me. 2nd Course 5 Days

Paula Sá


The Voz da Terra course was much more than a course, it was so great that there are not enough words to do it justice. Through the wise, serene, lucid and loving guidance of Ana Maria Pinto, I felt immersed in a world beyond worlds, led to the depths of Mother Earth, Pachamama, taken to the heights of the various faces of the Divine Mother. The voice of the Earth, the voice of the womb, the sacred voice was thus given birth to these unspeakable places and resounded loudly and vibrantly, between tears and laughter in the safe lap of the women-sisters. It was a course, a cure, a retreat, a meeting of the Sacred Feminine under the protection of the beautiful priestess Ana Maria Pinto. Discovering the voice of the Earth, in no way the same as the performative voice, was a journey, a milestone in my history. Gratitude dear Ana and gratitude dear sisters for the mirrors. The voice as a connection with the Earth and the Divine. 2nd course 5 Days

Susana Brandão


It was with the same confidence that a son gives himself to a Mother, that I embarked on the Voice Rescue journey. Guided by Ana Maria Pinto's mastery, every second, every word, every gesture seemed to contain within it the wisdom of many lives. With each Initiation, a revelation manifested within each of us. We were able to make contact and truly feel the wisdom that rightfully assists us. We were able to feel the beauty of this discovery, opening up our entire Being in full bloom. It was a space/time, in which we were able to rescue and cultivate confidence in each of those present. We also made ourselves present and supported each other's initiations. And in this divine embrace where the surrender was permanent and total, a flame was rekindled that we can call the fullness of living in communion with absolutely everything that IS. A big thank you Ana Maria Pinto for your dedication, humility and the mastery with which you led us to this beautiful rescue. 1st Course 5 Days

Maria João Machado


If I had to describe the course in one word, it would be food. It nourished me in an indescribable way. There is a before and after for me in terms of self-knowledge. I feel like I have material for inner work forever and ever. I use a technique almost daily, remember a phrase or a song, and it has nourished my soul in a very special way. Also special is the way in which Ana Maria manages to pass on knowledge in such a clear and open way that everyone can have their own interpretation and integrate it in the way that is most true to them. A space of so much security and trust was created in such a short time, and without being forced! A space of total surrender and love, which allowed us to go deep within ourselves, to rescue parts of ourselves, of our relationship with nature, with ourselves and with others, that we were unaware of. 1st course 5 Days

Sofia Lemos


During the Voz da Terra course, I felt myself being permeated with a material of New Life and at the same time as old as the stars. The path is followed through exercises of voice, body, meditation, visualization, integrating and experiencing a new consciousness that reveals itself in the body, in the exuberance of gesture, in the voice that surprises and breaks limits and in sharing in a circle, made from from a place of deep intimacy that heals and reveals light. Meetings are a kind of magical cauldron where we place limiting patterns and beliefs and mix them with the matter of the Cosmos in order to create alchemy for our bodies and minds. Ana Maria Pinto is endowed with wisdom, a look, words and gestures that in a clear, integrated, direct and passionate way guides us in the discovery of our own diamond, the Love/Freedom of each person. I feel like the most blessed of souls for this meeting! 4th Course 5 Days

Ângela Batista

Consultant and Entrepreneur

The healing power of a women's circle is wise. In this course, we come together in the New Earth to remember and awaken our voices. With the rhythms of the drum, the rhythms of the dances, the hugs, the songs, the freedom to express ourselves without rules, we rescued feelings that were dormant. Guided by Ana Maria's words and knowledge and melodies, each one went in search of finding "their" sounds, those sounds that heal, transform and clarify. And we recovered the recognition of a place inside, that had always been ours but that we had almost forgotten how to get there. And, in a circle, these individual sounds gradually became a collective sound that sang in harmony. For (and for) this New Earth that wakes up. Gratitude, Ana Maria, for helping to light these paths for us, with your magical Voice and with so much dedication and affection. 1st course 5 Days

Sandra Marques

Business Assistant/ Yoga Teacher

This 5-day walk and deep intimacy of being were a balm for the soul, a divine comfort, a simplicity that sings to the ear. The journey I took with 8 other wonderful women still resonates with me on my skin, in my voice and in the movement of my body. I really arrived home, to a place that lives in the eyes of those who were present, in the humility of the welcome, in the scream that was not contained, in the tears that savored us, in the courage to unite everything with threads of love. I feel like I brought the mystery inside me and that it no longer lives only in images and external projections. On each of the days we were hikers, our women's bodies and our voices sang in unison. We assume truths. We took steps of awareness, we were absolute nudity along the path of silence to deep Love. Thank you Ana Maria and Susana Brandão for your loving care, which was present as a life force. 5th Course 5 days

Cláudia Pinto

Medicine Woman

I now feel much more powerful, I have grown, I have matured, I find it easier to accept the power I have, my strength and courage! For the first time I took the drum seriously, the voice began to flow and songs appeared to which I said yes, because it is something true, it comes from my heart, from a space of harmony and peace that wants to be at the service, I said yes to channel that I am honoring him! This training was a blessing for me, it helped me to make peace with situations in my life, to unlock forgiveness that I was unable to feel. I felt that Ana Maria, with her wisdom, intuition and connection, was able to access our emotional body and root, which brought catharsis. Putting judgment aside, magic emerged, the hidden and subtle part of us through the voice, which helped me access my most sacred and divine Self, and which is beyond all layers of self-defense. Just pearls! 1st course 5 Days

Arlete e Silva

Medicine Woman

In a super safe space created with the Love immanated by the beautiful Guiança, a deep connection was generated with the Being, with the Voice of the Earth, with the purpose of the meeting of Souls. A milestone in my Life! Excellent work, ensured with respect and honor to individuality, with tact and sensitivity. Powerful, unblocking, energizing, full of the Magic of Various Worlds and all Elements! Time out of time! Fertile seeds launched in Earth Bodies! An amazing blessing! 2nd course Days

Teresa Mesquita


Ana Maria Pinto's wonderful gifts stimulate in us the expression of our voice, of our Sacred Innate, naturally establishing a bridge between Heaven and Earth. In a safe time/space of responsible sisterhood, this moment was a true Celebration of Life for me. Gratitude, dear Ana Maria. 2nd course 5 Days

Marta Caramez

Kindergarten teacher

I am very grateful to the lives of the people who provided this service of rescuing the Voice of Mother Earth in each Woman. I felt the importance of having a space and wise guidance to release the wild voice, to dare the language of Light to express the pain and fullness of the soul. The wonder of awakening our ears to hear the voice of the angels that inhabit us. I want many more experiences like these to enhance our innate gifts. I hug you Mother Nature. 1st course 5 Days

Célia Almeida

Clinical analysis technique

It was a course with many hesitations, fears and worldly temptations. But as the days passed to Ana Maria, the priestess passed on the teachings that each of us needed. My heart opened to a new, simple, beautiful reality that made me very, very happy. I wish and will go deeper into this whole new world that I discovered but that has been part of me since very early on... it was dormant! I loved the course, my traveling companions and life companions. Eternal gratitude. 2nd course 5 Days

Joana Teles

Accountant and Yoga Teacher

What a beautiful, revealing and transformative journey, to the depths of myself, to the primordial sound, to the voice that has within it all the wisdom and memories, of this and other universes, an almost ancestral certainty that everything is exactly, how, and when it must be. I felt that my soul danced and rejoiced in a joy without time, without layers, free and wild, always in a security, that only the mastery of beautiful women completely surrendered can bring. Only beings gifted with the gift of giving (giving themselves) in the service of life, with immense love and dedication, can hold your hand in one of these moments, and show you what has always been there, "your path" . A huge hug to each and every one of the beautiful women who shared this moment. Heartfelt gratitude, Ana Maria Pinto and Susana, for absolutely everything, from the smallest to the most concrete detail, I always felt you were there. I see you. 3rd course 5 Days

Barbara Francke


The five-day "voice of the earth" course really impressed me. I found the content, structure and implementation very well coordinated. Communication with us was fantastically organic. I felt safe and very well looked after and guided throughout the course. Ana and Susana have a professional presence, but are also very approachable and warm. Ana Maria, you have an incredible gift. Very impressive how you can "read" and open people up. The voice of your drum, shruti box and the other crystal bodies were a revelation to me. I'm happy to have lived these intense days in this female circle. I feel renewed, inspired and charged with fresh energy! 3rd course 5 Days

Patrícia Mendes


Dear Ana, the immersion you provided us was deeply rewarding. He went to the core of my Being. He let it reveal itself freely. No covers. No clothes. It came to the fore in all its aggressiveness and action, as well as in all its love and receptivity. And he became richer, because he was reminded of the feeling of the energies of Mary Magdalene and Queen Saint Elizabeth. The protective Yang love of Archangel Michael is reaffirmed. And the nourishing Yin love of Mother Mary. Without neglecting Sananda's feeling of fullness. For all this - for sharing your wisdom; for your full dedication, in humility; for your listening and looking with your heart - I thank you deeply. This is life: a partnership of souls, in which everyone helps everyone to evolve. And this whole process is beautiful. That of receiving, and that of giving. In equality. Thank you for contributing, in this way, to my path. 3rd course 5 Days

Tilde Carneiro

Event Decorator

We were guided in a magnificent way by Ana Maria who always expresses herself in Pure Love and in perfect alignment with the High Spheres. It is easy for her to access contact with our Soul and bring to Light the best that exists in us. We also count on the Presence of Susana Brandão, who in partnership with Ana Maria, fills the spaces with Beauty, Harmony and Inspiration. I lived profound and beautiful moments in the Company of Magdalena, Mother Mary, Queen Saint Elizabeth, Yeshua, Archangel Michael and Saint Germain. All different, but all pointing in the same direction, the path of Metamorphosis, of Ascension, the one in which the "I" expands and meets the "I", to merge with it. Create... and illuminate. Bringing Heaven to Earth. Transcend moral principles and become vertical in Universal Laws. Become more aware of the Light that inhabits us and trust it; give it Existence. Recognize the Sacredness of Life and assume my own Sacredness. Empty myself of everything, of all my history and fill myself with Myself, fill myself with God. 5th Course 5 Days

Ana Marlene Macedo

Purchasing Manager

A course, a concert is always a journey to my pure essence. Ana Maria guides us on this journey with her music and voice, always in the company of her musical instruments full of life and with such a high vibration. With an inspiring faith, our conductor Ana Maria Pinto supports our tears or our laughter so that the necessary transmutation is lighter and more complete. I recommend from the bottom of my heart to everyone to try any of these experiences: courses, concerts, choirs. It will be an AMAZING and transformative experience. 4th Course 5 Days