My Mother's Pure Beauty


What did you say the first moment you felt inside your mother's womb? I felt that moment, when my soul entered my mother's womb. I felt like I said words of Love and promises of Eternal Love: "Mom, I'm here to make you happy! Mom, I'll be happy with you by your side, because I'm here to make you happy!" These were the words I heard myself say, like a mantra, in the first moments I lived inside my Mother's body! He repeated the words like a song from Creation itself!

It brings me to tears to hear these words that make the umbilical cord a beam of Light and happiness between my mother and me. It's just that my mother said Yes to my Life! Before the gaze of the Stars, she had the courage and all the Love within her to welcome another child! My birth wasn't easy, my mother tells me: "the pain I felt was as if the world had fallen on top of me... it had to be like that because you were already suffocating and your life was in danger." For her to be born, my mother was cut, like so many others. My mother also told me that I was very wanted, very loved, and that I was such a beautiful baby! My mother sang to me all day! For me and my brother! She played with us and gave everything, everything and more than everything to be our Mother! My Mother did her best! My mother is like that... she gives everything and more than everything for Love, and always, always, always, her best!

My mother has the gifts of an artist, hands of hard work, of someone who knows the harshness of life, but possesses the deepest delicacy! There are Angels in her wavy hair... the Angels of Pure Love! So, singing with a high voice and very, very lightness, the lightness of the bird and the butterfly, she brought me the melodies of the Kingdom of Angels! Melodies that I kept secretly inside me and that accompany me every moment! They are the melodies of a serene certainty: "wherever you are, throughout life, I will be with you!" My Mother's Voice is of unparalleled Beauty, she showed me by singing how beautiful it is to live loving what is ours! What is truly ours... and that's why she also always told me: "what is ours always comes to us!"

My mother's pure Beauty is that of an open heart! Ready to give for real! My mother knows intimately what it is to give! Giving... my mother gives because she has the nature of True Love within her and has the Courage to Give! In the face of difficulty, my mother is a Woman of Strength, a Woman of Courage, a Woman of Wisdom, a Woman of Purity! And I grew up with it! I gathered, by virtue of Life, all the teachings I needed and need to be a Woman in this world, walking on my own two feet! It's just that the Courageous Woman faces the challenges that Life offers her, she feels fear, but out of Love, she also feels the power of her Voice, of her Self that, falling, rises up as many times as necessary!

I write these words to you, Mother, today, because I am your girl... and I am also the Woman who inherited your Beauty! And for the Beauty so pure that you gave me from your Open Heart, and for the look you give me, you next to my father; Because I can see in your eyes, in your eyes, how much you see me shine as your daughter, I am your own Shine! The Brightness of the most perfect Communion, the Brightness of Sacred Love!

I also give these words to the wind so that the Angels can spread the message to all corners of the Earth and beyond this Earth, as a sign of my Gratitude for having such a Beautiful Mother, so full of Tenderness, so full in her simplicity, and so mine! My Beloved Mother, we are One Life, Complete and Perfect!

Let us continue our Walk, with the power and sensitivity of our purest Beauty!