Christ Consciousness, the new Words


There is a new Consciousness that is now anchored on the Earth through our Bodies, our actions and Words.

Throughout our lives, incarnated on this Planet, we learn to recognize our location in a human frame of reference according to a finite memory. We use a certain type of words according to the framework inherited by our parents and according to a cultural framework.

Christ Consciousness deconstructs human references, finite memories, and "cultural dictionaries". In this way, Christ Consciousness simplifies movement - change - and removes in due time all types of toxicity and illusions permeated in our "intimate and personal culture"

One of the most important changes is the dissolution of the idea of ​​"power". Christ Consciousness is the evidence and the pure feeling that power as we have conceived it throughout history does not exist. To feel this change in your own body it is necessary to abandon the human frame of reference; To this end, each person today is called to:

1. Cut the umbilical cord with your parents (in this aspect family constellations offer us wonderful tools) becoming an adult on your own initiative. Until we abandon our parents' clothes and the home where we grew up physically and psychologically, we will be perpetuating the same patterns. Identifying and abandoning parental behavioral patterns is like a life mission, which once accomplished, allows us to release psychological archetypes to integrate the I AM.

2. Change our relationship with ideas and words, abandon "culture".

Points 1 and 2 show a cut that may or may not be painful. Stubborn, inflexible and territorial people have greater difficulty in changing and end up suffering more. However, they can learn to use the energy of stubbornness and put it at the service of Action, creating extraordinary dynamism in change, inspiring many!

The Abandonment/change referred to in points 1 and 2, when carried out in the Light of Christ Consciousness, is vivified by the Loving Water. It is done with Humility and with the support of the Light. There are, therefore, no power games in relationships because the right word and the right gesture arrive at the right time. Change is made by divine inspiration.

Words like death, ego or vulnerability want to be vivified with a new substance today - a substance where "Power" does not exist. What exists in Christ Consciousness is Purity and the certainty that one lives in consonance with the cosmic spiral - the evolving force.

Death is removed from religiosity, the "tensions of the fear of God" and culture, being replaced by resurrection - homo christus. The key "I Am the Resurrection and the Life" continually fertilizes the Void (availability) allowing the pure movement of Life that we can observe in the Earth's cycles and in the internal cycles (when in consonance with nature).

Ego is replaced by Holy Spirit, a flow that informs the Mental Body (nervous system). The Mental Body absorbs information from the ego to incorporate it into the great universal nervous system, where feelings of guilt, shame, etc., are transformed into Dignity/Divinity. The "persona" is replaced by the Human Angel, with the ego only informing and nothing more than that.

Vulnerability is replaced by youthfulness, a natural joy that has become detached from the idea of ​​"external power." When we abandon the human reference (that of memory) and integrate the divine reference, there is no strong/dominant nor weak/fragile/vulnerable. We are not and have never been vulnerable, we are pure innocence in the most perfect divine support.

Forgiveness is replaced by humility. There is no forgiveness because there are no mistakes. There is responsibility for the place one occupies, the place where each person places themselves by their own choice. If there is responsibility there is no hurt - there is no forgiveness. True forgiveness is a gift from the universal nervous system. No human can forgive themselves or others, forgiveness is a multidimensional action by the hand of divine mercy. The human can only allow the action of mercy itself.

There are no power games or opposing forces, there is just the willingness to let Life move. There is confidence in yourself, which allows your own and others to shine. There is no competition as there is no duality, the reference has been dissolved and integrated into another, where the multidimensional existence becomes evident in the energy of Words and Actions.

The Christ Child is born every new day. Waking up is the recognition of a new breath so that the movement is continuous. Here our relationship with each other is transparent and truly loving.

Many other words will be replaced as we integrate Christ Consciousness into our Body.

How much Beauty in our Life!