The Inner Child and the Truth


Now that we are closing the tremendous Lunation of the Solar Eclipse in Libra and looking back on these days where so much, so much was shown, I write these words daring to probe the sphere of Truth.

The scientific look at natural phenomena allows us to fragment it microscopically or observe it from a broad perspective. And why do we have this desire to fragment even the smallest detail? And why do we want to go beyond the blue line of the horizon? It's so beautiful to think about the blue line of the sea and the sky blue line that forms this sphere full of Beauty! Will and Beauty go hand in hand like two beings who love each other.

At Escola Voz da Terra I have witnessed the tremendous importance of the Sacred Masculine for rebalancing the Sacred Feminine, which can be lost in excess and waste. Entirely independent of gender, both energies coexist in the Body, and move within a memory field full of psychological aspects. To understand the feminine and masculine energies (beyond biological gender) it is necessary to understand the Cycles of Nature and the way they manifest themselves in the biology of a female body and a male body, but without ever falling into the error of associating the Sacred Feminine with the female biological body or the Sacred Male to the male biological body. Once this mistake has been clarified, it is possible to work on memory through awareness of both energies in the Body. The word sacred appears to foster the connection with invisibility.

Understanding the movement of these two faces of Existence makes it easier to find the questions and answers to the questions: Discernment. To be able to gain awareness about natural phenomena it is necessary to distinguish what is day and what is night. If there is no ability to distinguish, the most likely thing is to lose orientation. Like a scientist's dissection, discernment about yourself and your movements in the collective and individual consciousness is as vital as distinguishing day from night.

I soon realized that there is a strong difference between the posture of someone who performs and the posture of someone who makes music... Music, True Music I dare say - non-conceptualized music, music where there is no fragmentation between idols and fans. Music that nourishes a vivid, authentic and pure state of Being, where no idea of ​​better or worse exists, where no tension relative to an ideal exists... Natural Music. Being a professional musician, my path to this musical naturalness is long. It is a long Path but full of Beauty, a Path of the Inner Child as its essence is vibrantly musical!

Everything I try to sing and compose at Novaterra, Associação Cultural Arte e Ambiente, is closely linked to the Inner Child, the most Beautiful Sphere of our Intimacy! This Child only sees himself in the facts, he has no direct relationship with the mental interpretation of the Facts. She doesn't really want to know that, she wants to experience and express what she experiences in her Body of Life. What it naturally manifests is only related to the Divine Gifts of Creation, the Gifts that we can witness in the phenomena of Nature and that have no human concept, the Gifts that happen as Facts: the Gift of Expansion, a plant that is born and develops in a spiral, the Gift of Beauty in the multiplicity of the manifestation of Life, the Gift of Purity in the experience of the Energy of Life.

Polishing, transmuting and returning Words to the Source has been alongside this musical quest, a source of great teaching at Escola Voz da Terra. Words that were used somewhere in time in religious and socio-cultural contexts are planted in this sphere of the Inner Child so that the flavor is as if tested and integrated into the Fact, beyond the dogma. The inner impulse is the flame of Will, the impulse that comes from the outside is just a mirror and nothing more than that. What governs the Child's Will is his own Will that we call Michael at Voz da Terra School, the gift of the first Blue Ray that once integrated fills the Body with an inexplicable Energy, an Energy that accepts all the challenges of change, an energy that moves through the consciousness of pain to glorify it in maximum splendor!

One of the words we have experienced is - the Resurrection. The understanding of the Cycles of Life and all the Mysteries inherent to Life that is renewed without ever losing its "eternal" essence, its "christic" essence, its mysteriously intelligent essence. Understanding the various phases of initiation that involve the experience of certain aspects of human nature until Glorification. In the Light of Intimate Experience, the purpose is Integration, never identification or personalization, the purpose here in this place is also Portugality within the Earth, the purpose is the flavor of the Earth, the consciousness that moves in the leaf and in the cell, the awareness of the root that holds a tree and feet on the Earth.

The elements of Nature that clothe all of nature move organically according to an intelligence - with the Fact. It is this Fact that the Inner Child knows and recognizes and that throughout Life it seeks more and more intensely, as It communes with the gifts of God Time! The Child ignores all types of judgments about the Body, conceptualized aesthetics, health, illness, youthfulness or old age, the Mental Body of the Inner Child only serves the manifestation of Expansion and all the divine gifts of Creation. In the face of illness, the Child continually appeals to the Angel, as she also knows the gift of Healing, she knows that she is the Daughter of Mary and that she has in Rafael her most faithful ally in rebalancing the Body.

I have said several times throughout these 2 years of existence of Escola Voz da Terra, that the human being is a Master of the Mental Body. We struggle with their psychological processes, living an intense experience on Planet Earth that allows us to sink and emerge. An astonishing tension and distension towards Glorification - absolute Mastery and Liberation. Somewhere in Spherical Time (different from linear time) we are all welcomed into the open arms of the angelic hosts as victorious beings! The voice in this cry of victory is as human as possible, and therefore it is also angelic and divine! The more we accept the vicissitudes of our humanity, the more we will drink from the angelic fountain. Trust, the Inner Child sings all the time! Trust in You and in all the messages from your Body! We are loved, deeply loved and this is for me, Inner Child, the Fact. Hence your perfect disposition to be cheerful! The joy of the Masters is that, once the entire lesson of history has been learned, once the phenomenon of Existence has been understood in all its complexity, one surrenders completely to the gift of Simplicity... oblivion.

Here on Earth we are born forgotten. We don't remember how we were created. We just know that we are created. As? We do not know. The Inner Child has the greatest comfort in this place! And when her curiosity delves into scientific intricacies, she goes with all the enthusiasm, but without ever getting stuck on absolutely any idea. Why? Because she knows that all Wisdom is in the cell and in the leaf, in the Fact, in the evidence of its Naturalness. The Inner Child, when its Flame is fully active, knows that it can access its own Body to find the most perfect explanation about the phenomena of nature or human behavior. The Inner Child is the Cosmic Medium. However, unlike the human who struggles with ideas, the Child is free and pure and therefore only observes an idea to Love, to move Life and nothing else. She loves. Loves Yes and No. Loves Light and Shadow. He loves because he has the divine gift of Innocence. The Innocence that sees neither good nor evil... the Excellency that only sees. "Let the Children come to me." It is not just the children of childhood that Jesus calls, rather, the children of Nature who are all of us, whether we are 6 or 76 years old!

There is a lot to say about this Inner Child who only relates to the Truth, the Fact! The Truth of Love that moves life between tension and distension, the Truth of Beauty that inspires Creation, the Truth of the Wholeness of a Common and Diverse Body, beyond gender and beyond concept, the Body of Mother Earth, our Body - One Only Body Love.