The Energy of Queen Saint Elizabeth


The Energy of Queen Saint Isabel appeared in my life in 2016. Dornes, Tomar, Estremoz, Coimbra... Her mysterious but concrete Energy was showing itself in many places and in the Temple of the Soul. As I firmed my ground and built the fruits of my Faith, its Energy became increasingly evident. In the 5-day Course, 1 full day is dedicated to the feminine trilogy for the integration of Christ Consciousness in the Body - Magdalena, Mother Mary and Queen Saint Elizabeth, 3 names whose joint energy helps us to have discernment and Passion for the energy of Words, amplifying in Body and around it the Immaculate quality of the Human Angel or Homo Christus. Queen Saint Elizabeth appears at the moment of the coronation, verticalizing your Being and confirming your Intact Sovereignty. The School of Mystery finds the sacred symbol of this trilogy in Roses.

In the lap of the Roses, our Bodies are available to clean/renew the ego's filters. All psychological distortions of the ego are identified and delivered to the altar of Mercy. The ego then becomes the channel of the Holy Spirit, a flow of thoughts that informs the Christic Body (magnetized in the Chalice that Magdalena incites and expands, uniformed in the heart of Mary). The Name of each One on Earth is thus celebrated in Heaven, the Firmness of Faith associated with the Vision of the Universal Mind undoes all knots, creating links between the individual and universal nervous systems. The veils fall so that the Voice is not only clear but also deeply loving, all types of competition or power games dissolve into divine sparks.

The Queen brings the word of the Holy Spirit, her energy is the one that lifts the face, the one that integrates yes and no into a single Flow. Your Choice is Integrity because your relationship with yourself is Lucid, with a very acute perception of the God of Time. The energy of pain in the Energy of Queen Saint Isabel is directly channeled into the Building. The Queen directs your gaze to your divine gifts and moves them in the most beautiful way. The Queen is Movement and does not allow stagnant waters, in fair Time she removes all types of friction from your genuine and Whole expression. Your Energy brings the New World and Wholeness!