The Choice - The Lovers


Choice is one of the keys to Change. At certain moments in life, each person is called to maintain the standards according to their heritage or to break out into an unknown Sea of ​​infinite possibilities.

There are two sides to what is ancestral and lives within us as an inheritance: there is what is worn out and what is immortal.

When we were expelled from paradise, according to legend, behold, death appears! Our quality of immortal Being has disappeared from our consciousness. This is an experience in our collective that ties and unties painful knots in a dual and very dense field. Conflicts are governed by a sense of belonging to a group that keeps the individual safe and "protected from evil". In this place, fear reigns as long as we belong to paradise or hell. Being continually subjugated and limited to a power external to us, we build walls, castles and temples, feeling fear of what could be out there, beyond our control.

But in the immortal quality of Existence, Freedom is the engine of all Action and Innocence guarantees the permanence of Truth - walls, castles and temples exist only as Home/Culture and nothing more than that. Evil and good do not exist, hell is an invention.

But, once trapped in ignorance, our desire for protection is instinctive, and it is crucial for the persona as they grow, to feel that they not only belong, but also have power within their circle; This power manifests itself in the most varied ways! Through scarcity or excess... if there is no balance and awareness, the result is always the same - manipulation! You manipulate others without knowing it. Intimate relationships are a perfect mirror of this dynamic.

The Lovers card in the Major Arcana is a moment of choice between what is worn out and what appeals to the Path towards Innocence, towards Paradise. I denote the difference between what is worn out and what is immortal, because on our journey it is essential that we know both parts within ourselves! That which is immortal resonates within us as something tangible, that we feel - it is a will for the Greater Good, which can also be translated in different ways. Comfort is one of them... the problem is when comfort is associated with dense energies such as selfishness, greed... here the feeling of personal power activates manipulation mechanisms. The spark of Divine Love manifests itself in Well-Being... but it is not the typical Well-Being that is for sale, nor the one that guarantees the immediate satisfaction of the emptiness of the soul, it is not the Well-Being that ends the drama of solitude... rather, it is the Comfort of the true sense of Belonging! Belonging to the great telluric and cosmic dynamics! The comfort that the Indians in our Ancestry derived from looking at the river current or the constellations of our stellar families. The Comfort of the Continuous Flow of our Divine Gifts!

In choices, there are those who assume a religious or spiritual discourse, there are those who assume a more scientific discourse, ultimately the words do not matter, what matters is the substance of the words and the Example of Life that each person gives through their Actions.

Choice is a great moment in Life and Love, whether it is a passion or a multidimensional feeling, is the great key to Change! And that's why this Arcanum - the Lovers - is attributed to the moment of Choice! The choice between the past and "Resurrection and Life". "Resurrection and Life" is this Open Path that removes the veils that prevent us from seeing beyond the most basic senses, the Path of the Body as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, the Path of the Portal!

In practical terms, the change translates into the abandonment of old behavioral patterns, the recognition of what belongs to the biological father and mother in the temporal layer of life, and what belongs to the Cosmic Father and Mother in the Multidimensional Sphere of Life.

This Feeling of Integration in the Multidimensional Sphere brings the great opportunity to anchor new codes of Universal Love, of Christic Consciousness in the Body... but it also doesn't matter what name we give to these new codes, what matters is Change! Transposing the veils of ignorance and anchoring in the instinctive body, Universal Love nourishes our Bodies and the Crystalline Network of Mother Earth! Here and Now, the Movement of Love that calls sons and daughters to their Supreme Identity, to Personal Power, to the deep connection with the Triune Flame is absolutely extraordinary and colossal. Culturally, we have so many, many names for the same thing! The less we cling to culture, the closer we will be to this Timeless Paradise!

End the records of external Power so that the Internal can manifest itself in all its splendor! The Exuberance of the Sacred Feminine feels Beauty and multiplies it towards New Life! The impetus of the Sacred Masculine lights the fire of the Steady Gaze that points the Path to return to Paradise on Earth!

The more we accept change in our Lives, the more Fullness manifests in all of our bodily systems, including the Physical! Sacred Sexuality replaced the repressed one and the Twin Flame replaced the karmic or causal relationship.

The Co-Creators of Paradise on Earth are Here - in the Choice of Each One and ultimately, of all of Us!

May Gratitude to the Heavens for the opportunity and blessing of being human Here and Now on Earth be manifested, as we hold the Bow and Arrow of Light and the Loving Sword of the Great Central Sun!