Manipulation and Pure Action


Do you consider yourself a manipulative person? What if I say that we are all manipulators, and throughout our lives, we learn to manipulate others for the sake of our emotional interests. I do not want to judge anyone, not even myself, it is a recognition that Existence on Planet Earth is immersed in dense layers of ignorance. Right from birth, we benefit from the gift of forgetfulness (forgetfulness is a grace granted to our Being). We don't know where we came from and throughout our lives we don't know how to concretely explain all the emotional substance that moves within our bodies, nor the continuous flow of actions that Life exposes us to. However, we can begin a spiritual journey that can enlighten us and free us from the chains that condition our actions - we can free ourselves from the point of pain that makes us - The Manipulator.

Recognizing the point of pain that gives rise to the misuse of our gifts and our power requires great courage and will, it also requires a change! To manipulate the chain of events for the sake of our convenience, comfort, emotional, financial or any other selfish interest, we find ourselves prisoners of conventions and everything that is supposed to happen in a "happily ever after" life. Liberation from the illusions of "happily ever after" requires a lot of dedication, humility and lucidity. The arrogance that leads us to say that we are not manipulative, that we are very good and do no harm to anyone, much less the people closest to us, is what prevents us from seeing the reason for the standard situations in our lives, the why our suffering, our victimization and everything that makes us sick.

We are all born with certain gifts. A being endowed with something is a being with power. A power that we can call alchemical. Gifts create/transform something from the fusion of perceptible and imperceptible substances. If we live in a distracted way, we don't even realize how we use our gifts! Most likely, depending on whether we are awake or dormant, we will end up becoming experts in manipulation, making gifts instruments of mere acquisition. A gift can be artistic, it can be the gift of rhetoric, it can be beauty itself, it can be the gift of leadership, it can even be the most altruistic gift... The question I ask is: what are you waiting for in replacement?

How can we recognize if our action is manipulation? Are you angry about something? Does your heart explode in any situation? Do you need to shout or speak loudly to someone to be heard? Do you feel insufficient, empty, alone? If you can understand why you feel angry towards someone or some situation, if you can identify what makes you feel a lump in your throat, if you can touch your Emptiness, you understand the origin of the pain and the point from which you learned to manipulate . You can spend a lifetime without realizing this place, it's true... but suffering exists. You may be distracted, spending your time well spent... but Life will always bring you this Truth that Gautama left us as a spiritual legacy: suffering exists.

Pure action moves from an indivisible source. There is no separation, there is no pain, there is no ignorance, there is no anger. Pure action is creative movement based on your natural joy in living. You do not act according to standards or expectations, nor based on what you can obtain from others for your exclusive interest. You act because Life urges you to Be Life. Life calls Life in your actions! That's why Pure Joy is the best barometer for recognizing the place from which you are moving. Mind you, pure joy and momentary happiness are not the same thing. The pure joy is there whether you are alone or not! Pure joy is a manifestation of your deepest freedom, there is no wanting, no fear, no sadness of being alone, no incendiary arguments and little stress!

To observe the point where manipulation is born, the deepest self-compassion is necessary!!! It is perfectly possible to observe in ourselves and in others the manipulation with the gentle touch of a Wise Hand that indicates the Path! It's just that Healing is only possible in the Place of Self-Compassion! When you manage to reach the point where you manipulate life according to your wishes, you notice how vulnerable you are! Recognizing that you are manipulating something or someone leaves you terribly vulnerable, it is an emotional atrocity! The deepest wound, the deepest point of vulnerability, however, has the gift of freeing you from ignorance, it has the gift of breaking with standard situations. Manipulation is ultimately a self-imposed atrocity... the atrocity of lack of self-love. In collective terms, the degree of egoic manipulation that we impose on Mother Earth, and the dense layers of our sick emotionality is atrocious... volcanoes, hurricanes, storms, fires, tsunamis...

Everything is ultimately interconnected. What vivifies our life processes is this very thing, interconnection and the fact that there are so many words connected to each other... vulnerability and self-love! The discovery of this point of pain/joy is tremendous. Self-Love activates pure action, and the consequence of pure action is Detachment, Life being Life through You and the end of ignorance and manipulation of others!

Right now, the opportunity for this deep and direct look at the wound is tremendous! Meditation, stopping, slowing down is essential for this liberation process! Let us take advantage of the gifts from Heaven! And let us finally love our Mother Earth, giving her a hand in her Ascension!

The Will of Father/Mother God be done on Earth!