The Sacred of Love


It was through the Will of something mysterious that I ended up opening my Voice into "a thousand faces of myself", in a multiplicity of expressions that are born from a heart open to the unknown. When I was 13 years old I tried to write a book, but my tears came out in despair when I realized I didn't have the words. Later, when I started reading the classics and especially when I started speaking German, the words were born inside me! The Poetry I longed for so much appeared! That cry was so pure, a cry that came from a very simple and at the same time magnanimous desire - to touch Beauty. When I read the Passion of young Werther at the age of 22, I burst into ineffable tears, before my eyes the purest Beauty. I couldn't describe all the sensations that coursed through me, I felt enlightened, in the same way I felt later when listening to Franz Schubert's sonatas. When I walked through the museums in Berlin and Florence, tears came again. In Florence I was unable to keep my eyes on one of the Renaissance paintings, I felt that I didn't have permission to look at such Beauty and I asked myself, how is it possible that these people around me don't feel the same? How can they look? Where did these sensations that were so difficult to describe come from, but that passed through the water of my body like beams of intense light?

Today I feel that all the journeys of my life have always guided me to one place, the place of that deep and indescribable cry in which I am confronted with the Mystery of Beauty! The place is interior and projects itself into the world so that we can walk between worlds together! In music I find this Beauty in the erudite, the ethnic, the complex and the simple, the lyrical and the wild.

At the age of 18, the sensitivity of my body opened up the invisible spaces for me to follow the path of the mystery of death. Faith combined with misunderstanding made me find answers in all cultures around the world to synthesize them throughout my life in the perception of Beauty. I felt Art combined with the cycles of life in one place, incarnation and resurrection! The presentiment of death and the invisible fueled fears in my imagination, but I learned from the Masters to recognize the illusion that I myself had created. The movements of Love and the watery fire of emotions so present in the subtle music made me sing psalms and hymns to the light that dissolves veils and chains! And so I touch the Beauty of the earthly family, of the lineages and the splendor of the stellar family, the Beauty of myself here and dispersed in multiple forms beyond space/time!

The perception of Beauty leads us to versatility, to the gaze that extends into the visible, knowing that there is so much that cannot be seen there! I touch the body and I know it from here and beyond! I surrender to the pure pleasure of the softness of the water and know that I am free from history. I celebrate Magdalena in myself and I know that I free her from history. I celebrate names that I cultivated in my cells by singing them and Michael, Zadkiel, Chamuel... they are open flowers inside and outside of me. Because I sing Life is real! In the Beauty of Song there are gaps that open up to sense the sublime taste of Consciousness! Yes, Consciousness has flavor when we bring it to the Body! A flow runs through the form to confirm Life!

That's why I want to learn here from the beings who sing at the bottom of the oceans, the beings who know the salt of the Earth, in taste I know I'm at Home even if immersed in the sacred amnesia of incarnation. In the open Sea I feel an invitation to witness what has no form so that I can build it into plural temples. And I feel the Visible Human, today that we can cross the globe in instant images, today that we can read so many, many illuminated books... today we have everything in the palm of our hands, including solar energy! As children of the sun, let us salute this Energy so that we can be with it the dance of Day and Night, of the Seasons, of the great Cycles, of Change!

And I feel that Jesus has a desire in his heart and that he cries it joyfully with the taste of the future:

... may the new faces of Love show themselves in the water of your eyes! I stepped on this ground to sow it on Earth and you are the fruits and seeds of a new telluric lung! May Love show itself even more through your Life, this is the perfect Place for its Consecration... your home, your family, your city, your forest, your ocean, your Earth, your Body!

I hug Jesus knowing that his crystal has always been inside me, as it is inside all of us. We are not alone... that's what Beauty wants to tell us! This is what that Renaissance painting told me: beyond the visible, here I am contemplating the look you give me! Who is this Self?

I respond in the same way as I began, with words from Fernando Pessoa: "Each of us is several, many, a prolixity of ourselves..."

And yes... my Book is being born.