Love yourself


May 27th will be the second of 2 concerts with the theme "Ama-te"! The first concert, on May 5th, was perhaps the one that had the biggest impact on me. Since November 2022, I have been giving meditative concerts monthly, always with new themes and always creating songs that are born on the day of the concert. The entire preparation of the concert involves a deep connection with the Here and Now, and the New that is shown is always relative to this Place - "Plural of One"!

The Voice accompanied by the crystalline substance of the musical instruments, which are very vivid in their sound essence as they are all dedicated to concrete energies, leads me to feel each One within the One! This is an excellent Mystery that is not important to explain or translate, it is important to experience it. In the contemplation of the one who listens and accepts the invitation to travel, my Heart opens and opens more and more... it moves me and I kneel before God the Father/Mother this gift....

The words that come to me during the concert, the Poetry within the Improvisation is a hug given by the Lights that I always invoke... In this last concert, Queen Saint Isabel was the perfume of Roses in my Heart, so present, so intimate and evident as a secret that no one else can hear... The only Love that exists is the Love of Oneself. You are the only person you can truly Love, it is here and from here that all Miracles are born, in the nakedness of the one who let go of all desires.

Archangel Chamuel illuminates the Heart so that this certainty is serene: this Place exists Here on Earth, in communion with the Light of Chamuel, it sings in your ear - A mirror is not necessary for you to be Living Feeling. In your relationship with yourself, you experience the stellar explosion of your origin, where the Energy never ends, you are The Creation and The Child. You are Love stripped of all memory, you are Unconditional Love vibrant in Your Awakened Mind.

When meeting others, you will no longer gather memories from this life or past lives, you will gather roses that sprout outside of Time! And here to God Time I hand over all the roses I picked in my story, smiling and Loving, simply Loving Everything. And Magdalena sings - That's why Love for You leads you to eternal Life.