Art for the Future


Inspired by the Blue Planet, the Blue Method was designed with the aim of nurturing deep bonds between human beings and nature. Artistic education merges with environmental education to create a space for rapprochement with nature, where artistic expression generates the emotional components responsible for the internalization and structuring of principles of appreciation of the natural world.

4 project principles:

1. Writing poems inspired by nature by children and guest poets.

2. Composing songs from poems.

3. Creation of specific musical-theatrical pieces for children and with children, based on poetry, the forces of nature, indigenous rhythms and songs and meditative techniques.

4. Continuous movement on stage, where singing and dancing intersect successively.

The Blue Method has collaborated since 2016 with the following institutions:

- Gondomar City Council

- Rodrigues de Freitas School (Porto)

- Porto Music Conservatory

- Gondomar Municipal Library

- Almeida Garrett Library (Porto)

- Quinta do Passal Environmental Education Center

- Crystal Palace Environmental Education Center

- Quinta do Covelo Environmental Education Center

- Future. 100,000 trees project.

- Gondomar Youth House