Words from the Heart


The coherence of our speeches depends on our degree of connection with the world. When we want to show ourselves as we are, we need to take into account the point of origin and energy of our words. Do we want to dialogue or impose an idea? It is not easy to recognize the beginning of our speech, it is the result of a long history that is important to identify, a history that begins from an early age with the feeling of not belonging. To belong, young people create psychological traits that distort the naturalness of their Being.

The ability to socialize, for example, is trapped in a mold that sometimes invades and sometimes rejects. It's a very common pattern in our collective, it goes from the football club to the favorite series, from the image to the idea. Throughout life we ​​have the opportunity to verify to what extent we are capable of dialoguing without aversion or greed, that is, without attachments. The Voice lays bare and shows all the insecurities generated in the field of "not belonging" that seek to manipulate someone in favor of the "club". As we connect, connecting our individual nervous system to the universal one, we have more and more ways to listen to the energy of a speech.

The truth is that the energy of our intelligence can be channeled towards flexibility or inflexibility. Our Connection with the world is the great barometer. For example... Can we dialogue and express ideas without aggression, whether subtle or explicit? Exercising self-questioning is very healthy, it helps to create this network that connects our subtle bodies to the great universal bodies! What can make our expression pleasant and natural? Singing is a Master in this Aspect!

It is possible to free the fear of not belonging, no matter how visceral it may be! The sensitive child who was once unheard becomes a Confident Being because he has learned to give himself a voice! It is this Voice, its timbre and its Sound that I try to help you recognize, freeing all types of us through expression that is sometimes wild and sometimes cosmic. Life brings the questions and Love the answers! There is a lot of beauty yet to be discovered in the Art of Connecting with maturity and naturalness, and there are many ways to free yourself from the bonds of history! Let's walk!!!