Chamuel and Water


Chamueltook me to the beginning of my life. Pink, amethyst, blue and gold ran through my Body because I said your Name. He told me through the rush of water that there is so much to say and always will be! The words don't end.

The Water that sings the melody of the Source, the water of Unconditional Love, takes us to the fractal and the galaxy, our heart that calls for wholeness is immersed there to witness the miracle... the end of the harm we do to ourselves own.

Chamuel teaches that the secret of the Wholeness of the Heart is only in the eyes of each one, in the way each one reads the world. It is not the world that holds someone hostage, but what someone says about the world. What words do we choose when we talk about ourselves? What words vibrate in our individual and collective bodies?

At the beginning of life, pink, amethyst, blue and gold dance together forming a spiral of water, the vortex that brings us to a new incarnation. It is our hands that make the water spin because we said yes to Life! It is this Yes that shines in our eyes like the sun shines, if we make it shine through the audible and inaudible Words! The same yes that will cleanse our cells of everything we inherited from here and beyond.

The Yes, is this Unconditional Love that, by virtue of Surrender to the Source, flew as high as it could, to the white layers of Innocence... And there, because I touched the hands of those who would receive me, water from my water, I understand that the flight never ends.

Chamuel is the infinite flight, the flight that says: our Love has no end!