From piano to gong


When I was little, I pretended that the seat in my father's car was a piano, even though I didn't know how to play the piano. At the table, glasses, plates and cutlery turned into percussion, in me there was already music and a natural aptitude for manipulating instruments. At the age of 11 I entered a music school and very quickly learned to play the magic organ, the Cebolo method. At the age of 15, I had completed all available degrees on the Technics Organ Course and began teaching children. At the age of 18 I entered the Music Conservatory and also the Center for Musical Studies where I began to improve my piano technique.

When I entered ESMAE I still wasn't sure I wanted to be an opera singer. I sang, but my deepest desire was to compose and play the piano. I started collecting scores for choirs inspired by my Musical Training and Choir teacher, Luís Manoel Lopes, who was at that time a beacon of my dreams! He did exactly what I wanted to do, write music and sing it!

Lyric singing established itself in my life in the first recital I gave at the Teatro de São Luiz. Singing the Poetry of great Masters like Goethe opened my perception to the power of Singing - making Words great! The fact that I studied so much to be able to sing sublime works greatly sharpened my sensitivity but also played its tricks on a mind that always wants to do better. My great fortune has always been that I have sung everything since I was little without any discrimination. My voice never really let itself fit into a sound idea, my Voice was and is always a Great Guide for my spiritual freedom as it is not content in limited fields. Do you want to try the Indian song and Mozart, and if possible at the same time!

When I began to study the musical culture of the orixás, to understand the song of the river, the sea and the wind, it was also when I traveled to Africa, which opened my field of perception in a colossal way! My contact with my piano has completely transformed! Likewise, the experience of the Reiki Degree 3 initiation expanded my intuitive and creative field that left me perplexed! I sat down at the piano the next day and in 15 days I wrote two cycles of 16 songs about poetry by Jorge de Sena. Something in me had changed! Something very precious had come into my life, and that would accompany me until the creation of Novaterra and beyond time/space!

My upright piano was consecrated to the sea of ​​Iemanjá. Like a boat, it takes me across the sea and always has something new to say, or if the sea weren't the beginning of all life! Just give it to me and newness is your constant! Over time I have cultivated my intuitive body in this type of dedication to musical instruments and the one that has taught me the most is undoubtedly the Shamanic Drum, consecrated to the Great White Brotherhood, I call it Master! The Master who always speaks to me!

Over time I created bonds with the instruments, turning them into animated beings that dance with me, beings that enchant me and that are portals between stars! With great care and subtlety, I consecrated the chalice to Magdalena and the Templar cup to Queen Saint Elizabeth. Consecration amplifies the power of language and its effect on matter. When I play them, I play them with deep devotion and respect and what I receive in return is Mystery. Silence - the Wisdom of Mystery, and the Evidence that in Music, in Sound, there is nothing to know, only to Exist!

I consecrated the Gong to the Great Central Sun and the bells to the Kingdom of the Archangels, whose Names I sing in the Light of their pure Beauty, and the voice, in its free and flexible expression, embraces each letter in the charm of listening to the winged heart!

And there is an instrument that I have a lot of affection for, my KN5000 keyboard, which I received as a Christmas gift when I was 16! With this keyboard I've had so many, many parties, I've created so many songs! It's truly a great travel companion and the dream home of my little girls!

All these instruments are in my Heart that I dedicate every day to a Mission of Love for Mother Earth! Right now my perception of the sacred geometry of music is becoming more and more amplified, largely thanks to this depth and love for musical instruments! And to everyone who has been part of my Meditative Concerts, where I travel beyond time/space, my deepest gratitude!

The next Concert, at Christmas time, is dedicated to Yeshua, on the 12/12 portal, with a New Moon in Sagittarius! Without much welcome!