I have the Eyes of God the Father/Mother in me and that is the Look that guides my Steps


Rafaellistens to your song and whispers the word that heals. Mother Mary spreads her sea blue veil, filling your hands with pearls, the pure ones you were born with. Jesus lights your throat and imbues each syllable with droplets of stars, coming from far, far away!

I have the Eyes of God the Father/Mother in me and it is this Look that guides my Steps. A Mantra that becomes a Presence, that justifies surrender and Faith, that looms like a Mountain created from loss, disappointment and pain. And behold, Energy moves Mountains, Faith that directs the Look Upwards, towards Self, releasing all types of toxicity from the world created from "self-images" generated in lack and scarcity.

No man, no woman on this Earth has the mission of looking at another. You can get to the point of seeing the other with a lot of Love and Depth, but your mission is to always look at yourself and at yourself until you reach the conclusion that the "self" is in the "other" and in Everything. Looking at the Other as You Look at Yourself is Evidence in the Manifestation of Gifts and Divine Expression - of Mastery, of the temporal experience of true Mastery in the World, and that is why Mother Mary repeats singing: "do what makes you happy".

See, the Earth gives birth to fauna and flora... and forgotten human beings. In search of their Mastery, human beings find portals to the collective in fauna and flora, but they find themselves closed within themselves, within the limits of their perception. One Body is born and will be born because Each One, in their Place, perceives the Divine Gaze in Himself, from Himself, expressing it without expecting anything in return from anyone - in pure Freedom, with eyes closed, open to the True Love.

If you want to find justification that validates the expansion of your Gifts, find it within yourself, in what makes you happy and never in others. If you look for others, time will bring you back to the ground, to disappointment so that you can rise like a mountain. The Mountain of Your True Freedom - of your Eternal Happiness.