Metatron and the Form


The name is a form, but an empty one if your word is not anchored in consciousness, in feeling, in mystery. The Mystery School, once so widespread in secret corners of the Earth, today reveals itself in what can no longer be secret: Self-Mastery. You do not need other external forms to know your own divine form today. Hand in hand with the Mystery, it is Your Heart that responds to your deepest liberation! The Form of your Ascension is your Self-Mastery - Homo Christus.

Metatron responds to the form you give to the names you use in your language, and floods your body with his luminous fire, strengthening it through your own Sound, the one you use to invoke his Name. And Metatron thus confirms, in the sensations of your body, that no one exists to take anything away from you, no one exists to invade you, no one exists to dominate you, no one exists to take away your power... because power does not exist. The only "power" that exists is the one that manifests itself in the relationship you have with yourself. All the rest are lies from the many veils that cover and mask the face of the historical collective and your own face in that fabric that is unraveling today in the tactus of the God Time, who in his virtuous rhythm brings you at every moment the opportunity to let go go what is not consonant with your Divine Form.

Metatroncomes to confirm your Presence, your form within your human body, so that you know that you were never hostage to anything or anyone. Metatron simplifies and puts you in the center of the storm, in the eye of the hurricane so that you understand that everything that moves is that and nothing more than that, it is Movement. Being in this place is the Maximum Simplification you can offer your Body/Soul! It is by understanding the "center of gravity" that makes the spiral turn, that you also understand the essential, what connects you to your Self, to your own Will, to your Passion!

Is it possible to be Human and observe the storm, even being inside the storm, feeling its impact on your own body? Metatron responds... The Only Truth is Observation from the Center. You can stay as long as you want in the impact zone and the Center will never disappear. So great is Divine Love!

Metatron makes you contemplate movement from the center. You see there the speed at which the phenomena and events of memory move: wars, discords, mistakes, tensions... From the immobile center, you understand that nothing that moves is within you. When you observe, you realize that you are also the Center itself because its Energy is in You! And it is by being in the Center that you also have the opportunity to contemplate Metatron and his Guardian Form of the Center, a scepter that establishes the Presence... a scepter that Firms you in Your Presence!

Metatronthen shows you what it is to be immobile and at the same time shows you the God who makes you move. And now Metatron also asks you... what is it to be human? It is being free to respond to the movement of the spiral. In the immense reference of Creation, it is you who chooses where to be. Simplify, says Metatron, know that regardless of what you feel in yourself as a human, your form here is reduced to a small space, the micro within the macro. Your perception of yourself can vary if you allow it, you can see the micro, but you can also see the macro... observe how everything changes in Nature. Observe the simple way of being when you allow Life to be Life, as Nature allows! You allow Movement! Therefore, do not define yourself based on what you know, define yourself in the Mystery of Your Mastery that involves Everything, what is known to you and what is unknown! All true incarnated or ascended Masters appeal to this, be You - be The Master!

As so many Masters teach, Simplicity is here, "in wanting nothing, in having nothing" in what allows Movement! The end of the invasion and manipulation that humans have become accustomed to for centuries and centuries is here: in the blank Open Book where the form of your Name is traced with the ink of the same Angels and Archangels and Masters that you invoke. Metatron establishes his Presence in You and frees you from everything that does not respect the form of your Presence. Metatron ensures that all the ideas and concepts that you have cultivated and cultivate and that are an impediment to the natural flow of the Movement disappear in an embrace that infuses your Body with Intense Luminosity - the Luminosity of Metatron on par with Your Mastery!

Keep it simple. Through your humility you receive many fruits in this Life, and you will continue to do so beyond it. Know yourself within the Mother/Father sphere, know yourself as Human, know yourself as an Angel, know yourself as God!