Women who Ascend with Mother Earth


Beloved Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion,

Beloved Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene,

Beloved Queen Saint Elizabeth, Beloved I Am,

Our Surrender to your Divine Love is


Infuse our bodies with Your Wisdom and Enlightenment

For the healing of all past and present wounds

That prevent the Presence of the Divine Woman on Earth.

May your gaze bring to our hearts,

And under the Law of Forgiveness, the deepest Healing

For the dissolution of all discord and pain

Inflicted on the Feminine Consciousness on Earth.

Great is our collective wound,

That sinks our minds into ignorance

Making us, consciously or unconsciously, enemies of each other,

Our ignorance hurts the womb of our Beloved Mother Earth!

Today, we accept the Path of Ascension with Mother Earth,

Loving our bodies, abandoning the place of victimization

And taking full responsibility for our spiritual evolution!

We abandon pride, anger, fear

And all the negativity that fragments Unity!

With the support of the Angelic Realms

We Give Voice to our Inner Healing Power:

Where there is envy, we sow Self-Love today and always,

Where there is negligence, we sow Compassion today and always,

Where selfishness exists, we sow altruism today and always,

Where there is a lie or omission of Truth,

Today and always, we sow Integrity and Transparency,

Where there is fear and insecurity,

Today and always, we sow the total opening of our Divine Heart,

Where there is rivalry and competition, we sow today and always

The Loving Consciousness of the Sacred Place of each Woman.

We know today that in each of us is the Healing of the Female Lineage,

We thus fulfill our Mission, with all the devotion to the Life that gave us Life,

Today we are the Sea of ​​Love that frees our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers,

Today We Are The Voice of Courage, Purity and Freedom

That breaks the chains of submission, oppression and hatred,

Today we respect, honor and dignify the Place

Where Pure Beauty is vivified, where each Woman's divine gifts

they are revealed, praised and celebrated through our hearts!

Today we respect Evolution, the Divine Plan

And the Sacred Field of Action of every Woman,

Today we awaken from the long dormant sleep that held us in unconsciousness,

Making our Life a Living Example of the Power of Resolution!

We thus request the Sword of the Blue Flame from Archangel Michael

To remove from our interior, our bodies and our Field of Action,

all the negativity that impedes the movement of our sacred purposes on Earth!

We are the Resurrection and the Life of Great and Immense Love!

All our Power and Faith in these Words!

With you we ascend, Beloved Mother Earth!

So Be It, Now and Forever!

Ana Maria Pinto