The Body That Trembles


Images of a devastating earthquake move inside me, making my body cry and move with the sadness of human lives taken... and the joy of other lives found in the middle of stacked walls... Faced with such a tragedy, there is so much that it is moved within us! Emotions, sensations, ideas... The shock is collective and appeals to the deepest humanitarian feelings and no one remains indifferent to this place, where we are all called to see, face to face, death, fatality, loss, total destruction . A trauma that remains tattooed on the Soul of a Community for life, a scar that hurts so much to contemplate! This is yet another great tragedy that is retained in our collective memory.

This is not the first devastating earthquake... and how could it be the last?

And it is this question that leads me to speak directly to the Body of Mother Earth. A Blue Body, of water, a Life, sensitive and with multifaceted expressions. I speak directly to this Life Body that welcomes me, where I live, where I have the opportunity to simultaneously experience and manifest my human, telluric and cosmic Existence. How can I speak directly to this Body where my body lives? It is obvious that Portuguese is a tremendously limited language to develop a dialogue with this Life Mother Earth Body... how can I speak to it so that it will listen to me? And more... how can I hear it? Mother Earth... why the devastation? Why is Your Body shaking? How to enter your Biological Field and interpret the signs?

"What if... the life you see and the image you project of yourself were just a tiny part of your Existence? What if... my own Life Body was just a projection of this collective that now suffers as it has for eons ? What if... my Life Body that shakes was your Body that shakes? And if... the micro and the macrocosm were exactly the same thing... I ask you, is your vision not conditioned by the your most basic senses? What if... our language was capable of transposing the veils that separate us? What if we were able, you and I, as Mother and Daughter, to dialogue in the most perfect Understanding? Beloved Daughter, for our dialogue to happen , isn't it necessary for us to recognize each other? So I ask you... have you ever asked yourself, who are you? Can you answer that question? And who am I? Can you tell me Who I Am? Could it be? that we have the ability to recognize ourselves?"

You are Mother Earth.

"Yes. But where does your answer come from? Can you tell me?"

Of evidence.

"Is saying what others told you evidence?"


"Know yourself and you will know God the Father/Mother." ... these words echo throughout the Cosmos.

In the face of devastation, everything is relativized, even our purest intentions and evidence. What moves inside us when we project our image of ourselves outward? What stories are these... the ones we tell about our lives, our joys and our tragedies? I ask you, Mother Earth, because I feel like I don't see you in full, but it seems obvious to me that you can see me better than anyone else... and you feel me, I'm part of you, of your Body! What to do with the emptiness that is expressed in the midst of devastation? How to interpret this event?

"Power only has the function of nourishing the relationship that each person has with themselves. Power is not relative to the external world, but rather to the internal world. Your relationship with the external world can only be moved in Love, only in Love. Your Power is not over Life, nor over others, but rather, before yourself, before your Verticality. Beloved Daughter, may Joy be the engine of Your Word, now and always! Do you feel this Power? Great Central Sun expressed in your eyes, a gesture of the purest Feeling that knows how to say the right word at the right time and in the right way."

Mother Earth, how can I nourish the Joy of my Word in the midst of so much loss... Mother Earth, how can I nourish my internal Power if everything around me has collapsed...?

"Fools... he who made the outside, is he not the same one who made the inside?" ... these words echo throughout the Cosmos.

"Beloved Daughter, in the face of devastation, look in the right direction, distribute the bread through the substance of Verbum, of Mother Wisdom! These are the moments in which the inner gaze can give the right answer to Silence..."


"There is no such Void!" says Mother Earth. "The void you see is an interpretation of yours, a projection of your mind that believed in everything it saw and everything they told it. What if... Beloved Daughter, you could see me, really see me? What if. .. Beloved Daughter, you could see with your physical eyes the smallest particles of which my elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth are made. What if... Beloved Daughter, you could feel what it is like to be in my place? How would it be your See?"

Yes... but what to do in the midst of devastation?

"Say this word - Mercy. Appeal to the Mercy of the Compassionate Heart and It Will Come. But not in the way you expect... for your Seeing does not know my Place. Therefore, appeal only with your Heart. You know what it is the Heart? - Close your eyes, cover your ears and say nothing."

Says Mother Earth - "I ask you, Beloved Daughter... am I listening to your Heart? How can I not hear and feel it... if it is within Me!? And I am within the Cosmos! Your Body that It is my Body that trembles, my Body that trembles is your Body that trembles. Do you understand where I am going, Beloved Daughter? See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing... Surrender yourself and you will be in my Place of Vivid Water - I am the Star of Freedom and as far as you know, within me, nothing is trapped, everything is free!"


Says Mother Earth - "And now that you have closed your eyes, covered your ears and are silent... See how many Angels inhabit my Etheric Sky, my Sea, see how you find here the new Life beyond Life... Can't you see!?"

No. But now that I've covered my ears, my eyes and remained silent... I feel it.

"I also feel, and I see. And here, so that you can free yourself from the image of devastation and the image that you project of yourself in devastation, all you can do is trust in Me. Do you know what Paradise on Earth is? ... Absolute Confidence. Trust in You!"

And in the face of devastation, my Heart trembles, my eyes cry, my ears listen to the wind through the dust that covers the dead bodies... I look at the Blue Sky, and I say... Mother Mercy, to You I surrender, I trust in You! Guide my steps, my words, may I be the purest reflection of your Blue Sky! In me I feel Humanity!

Gratitude Mother Earth!