The God of Time


It seems difficult, but it is not. The complexity of bringing spherical time to Corporal Presence is only related to the integration of our Subtle Bodies. How to cultivate this integration? Being an artist just like nature, which molds, according to divine intelligence, all elements into diverse and astonishingly beautiful forms!

A few years ago I leaned my back against a young oak tree and said to myself, I'm going to connect with the Earth through you. The result was frightening because not to mention I seemed to hear and feel the subterranean quality of the Earth within me! When I realized how melted my body was I had to abandon the exercise and while walking it felt like walking with my feet on the Earth. I never returned to this inner place because I realized that my body was not the size for this dimension. The result of repetition would certainly be total dispersion.

Since I was little, I have always felt a strong aversion to substances such as alcohol or tobacco. The smell is absolutely unbearable to me. However, I accidentally inhaled a substance twice that altered my state of consciousness, I only smelled a small box of weed in Africa at the innocent invitation of two friends, and I only had to go up and down the stairs to start feeling an energy in my body. which ended up taking away my Portuguese language, I clearly left my earthly quality and started to express another from another place that I also know... it wasn't easy to be in that state as I felt again that my body was too small for such energy, the The feeling was like the agony a bird might feel when it leaves its free flight and is trapped inside a cage.

There were 2 experiences that showed me my limits. Throughout my spiritual development I also understood the importance of sobriety and discipline in self-observation. The fruits of this sober and magnifying look at myself are many and for me the main thing is the Natural Fusion without external resources with Mother Earth and her phenomena. It is the inner star and natural artistic expression that works in connection. Just and alone. And nothing else. All of this moves according to the Spiral that develops as a force through different states throughout linear time, until the perception of spherical time opens up to me. This is my experience and it is important to say that my truth may not be the truth of others - this is one of Archangel Michael's decrees.

And behold, the sun rises, shines with all its splendor across the blue line of Mother Earth and then, leaving the sky painted with amazement, lands here in the sea to give way to the broad spectrum of stars. The lunar fabric awakens a mysterious dance in our eyes, something moves and it is so dark, what is this movement? The color of the day seems to reveal a lot of this movement, there you could hear wings beating and what bird could it be? The day shows that it was a vulture, but in my imagination... what could it be?

This imaginary movement is essential for all artists, who are substantially lunar! Inside it, a thousand worlds are born with an impetus that is sometimes volcanic and stormy, other times water that goes serenely mirroring the starry firmament. Your Solar Brilliance is born from your uniqueness, your Sun is linked to the fact that it is unique, transparent, authentic, sovereign and independent in deep co-creation with your Inner Life and the Life of the Earth! This is how all children are born! This is us, Children! What is Being an Artist? It's Being Natural!

The Time God could well be like a fairy tale, as he creates and recreates spheres for all possibilities. And He asks you... how far does your imagination go, creator of worlds? How many flowers can bloom in this green meadow?

The Lord is my shepherd: I lack nothing, by his hand I rest in green meadows...

Life on Earth teaches us the Mastery of cyclical life, a perfectly Loving experience in the Light of the Flame of Resurrection and Life! That spring, behold, a flower is born and it is so, so beautiful, and in its time, it returns all its energy to the Earth, to transform into something else! A drop of water falls and explodes to become the entire ocean! Everything that comes from our hands has different states in the light of our eyes as time passes. Our gaze changes because natural phenomena pass us by! It is impossible to remain the same, so we are always called, just like nature, to create and recreate our own Beauty through our gestures, actions and words!

As in Michael Ende's fantastic work, The Neverending Story, just give a Name and all of Creation moves! Everything is so symbolic and so true in this work! ... "say one word and I will be saved..." is heard in other spheres of space in the same way... The Name, the Word, beyond all memory, all culture, the Word that is born from the Uterine Heart, human and cosmic!

The God of Time comes and is relentless with the mind that sabotages the next spring. The God of Time has no tolerance for the mental body that wants to grasp the flower of time all the time. He does justice to the Divine Gifts of Creation and maintains his Law out of Love. He always seems to whisper: the less you want, the more you will have. Feeling pleasure and comfort on your human scale that is governed by calendars and schedules is right, but it's not enough and you know that. Your Soul's design is the unimaginable and this Field is waiting for you beyond everything you establish as a life plan. The Immense Field, the green meadow, the Endless History, Faith, happens when you are Free and detached from the pleasure you had at that moment in your life... Ask yourself the God of Time: What do you want to feel again, over and over again? turn? Don't you yet know that your Soul is stellar and is not content with what you remember? Go and call into the palms of your hands the Tender Warmth of a newborn, your child, your Sacred Voice, the Spirit that always renews your face so that you are amazed at the Beauty of Yourself!