The movement intact


How to look at Water?

Today I saw my body at the bottom of a lake. Mud and darkness were ingrained matter in my limbs. As the breath released fragments of pain and everything else that rhymes with attachment, the body ascended to the white surface, a lunar whiteness, the door or mirror that only reflects an Intact substance.

Upon emerging, the face is enlivened by millions of micro explosions: Life is Touched by the smallest Elements... Suspended in the lake, my feet floated; the heart had in itself the entire surface of the muddy bottom, but it was pierced by an Intact Light: in Me the Emptiness - the purest and simplest Emptiness.

It is then that the Ruby Heart of the Great Mother and the Crown decorated with precious stones appear. At birth, the Great Mother presents me with the gifts of my Essence, the Cosmic Affirmation of my Place, The incorruptible Self, the Heaven of Consciousness! It was then that he welcomed me into his arms and sang to me...

Sing Your Song. Your Song... Your Place Finally Intact, the sovereign Divine Love!