The Sacred Masculine


Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine coexist in all human beings. I choose to use the word Sacred because it relates to my personal choice to embrace the Mystery in my life, to embrace everything I don't know in an exciting way, knowing that I am part of something much bigger than myself, but also knowing that I I myself have direct access to this something greater, without the need for intermediaries, the Great and Immense Love is within my Heart... just feel it and let It free me!

The Sacred is a substance that guarantees a very deep feeling of reverence for Life and Humility. We can choose to live life in a more material way, defining priorities according to our degree of comfort and emotional well-being. We can also add to this material layer other layers where the Mystery is responsible for placing question marks in our daily lives. Spirituality, for me, is in everything, absolutely everything, whether I am aware of it or not. A stone, a leaf, a star, hands, a kiss, a confrontation, anger itself... all aspects of life are Spirituality for me. Why? Because we are in the Cosmos... and the size of what we don't know is colossal compared to the size of what we know! This comparison is even absurd, but our ways of life, in certain aspects, end up starting from the assumption that we have everything under control, as the dimension of what we know is much greater than that of what we don't know. Just do a self-evaluation to honestly understand what our relationship is like with what we don't know, and to understand the discomfort, our rush to survive... Surviving the cycles of nature... why are we afraid of dying? One answer would be - because we are afraid of what we don't know and we don't dare to ask the right questions. We fill space with things to infinity, making it seem to Life that it is infinitely large with things. In fact, materialism is an escape... this is a giant open wound in our Sacred Masculine.

Denying the Existence of Mysteries is denying the Sacred dimension of Life. If I think I know everything and don't put question marks in my modus operandis, I end up hurting the balance between my feminine and masculine. Of course, if I just ask questions and don't give answers that activate my Action, then I will also be hurting the balance of the two energies.

There is a very common symptom that reveals our imbalance... when the answer "...I know" is given as self-defense. A need to "feel" in a safe place where everything is under control. The opposite also happens... in case of total dispersion the answer to any question is... "I don't know"... this is also a self-defense to questions that touch very uncomfortable places. The declared escape in the dispersion and in the answer "I don't know" removes any type of responsibility from the person. Choosing is something we all have to learn to do throughout our lives, from the smallest things down. And from a young age, we must have within us a sense of responsibility that encourages us to make choices, to discern what is good for us, to discern what is and what is not, to draw conclusions that activate our movement towards the Source Loving... and here is also the great importance of our Sacred Masculine... the right choice within the conflict of duality.

As dual beings, beings that feel cold and hot, joy and sadness... we run the risk of causing our masculine energy to hurt our feminine energy and vice versa.

How can we recognize this dynamic in which one energy hurts another? The body gives all the necessary signals! I give an example that is very common in our collective. When the need to be recognized influences my action. My masculine energy will create content where I can be recognized for the image I convey of myself to others. This self-image (which I intend to be perfect) is actually a need to be loved. This action does not come from a pure source, it is not in line with the creative flow... this action is highly conditioned by the outside, in fact, it is as if it were a huge stone in the middle of a river that is naturally free. The result is bodily tension, and eventually some type of pain that manifests in the body. In women, it is common for these tensions to manifest themselves in menstrual pain... the pain can originate (among others) from excessive masculine energy, which ends up hurting the feminine energy.

Thorough self-observation is essential to be able to discern these movements of the two energies within us.

Feminine energy gives Light, in a continuous and uninterrupted flow, intuition here is Master and does not allow external interference! The feminine gives because it receives! One movement is the other, both movements, giving and receiving, coexist in the Sacred Feminine in an absolutely exuberant way! Masculine energy is the line that points and opens the way, the line that ends any type of energy dispersion, the line that builds vertically towards the Source from which it started... the Loving One!

When feminine energy is in excess, the main manifestation of our mental body is the dispersion and waste of energy! When masculine energy is in excess, the main manifestation is injury, pain caused by a cut, self-denial of the source itself. On the other hand, when feminine energy is scarce the fruits of labor have no flavor... and if masculine energy is scarce... the fruit is not fruit... it is false. The unbalanced feminine energy manipulates and invents "truths", the unbalanced masculine energy prevents movement...

To balance these two energies, we must take into account our lineages in the first place, we must make peace with the masculine and feminine that gave rise to us. If we are not at peace with our parents and ancestors, we cannot live these two energies within us in a balanced way. Therefore, the Law of Forgiveness is absolutely crucial! We need to invite this Universal Law of Forgiveness every day, drinking directly from its Source, until we concretely understand what Humility is! The deepest Humility! We often think we have forgiven someone, but the hurt is still there!

Forgiveness is not the result of the Mental Body... but rather of the Energy Flow that runs through all our bodies, the most concrete, physical, emotional and mental, and the most subtle. Forgiveness is the Water of the Planet and the entire Cosmos! To be able to drink this water we have to relativize parts of ourselves and remember others! Relativize ideas, memories, laws and human conceptions and remember feelings of Stellar Belonging!

I feel that, as a collective consciousness, we need to heal our Sacred Masculine through this Law of Forgiveness, knowing that it is not a gender issue, but rather an energetic and extremely sensitive issue. Therefore, self-observation is crucial! Crucial in the Law of Forgiveness is also the distinction between what is cultural and what is characteristic of the immemorial! To do this I have to know my socio-cultural context and understand that culture is change! However, there are parts of me that are beyond circumstantial changes... and I can access them! There are places within me where silence reigns, non-action... there are places within me that are about to give birth to a star! There are places inside me where Life has no time, where Life stops seeing itself, absolutely miraculous! Let us contemplate the Stars with a feeling of Stillness! And we will be truly integrated! This is the movement of the Sacred Feminine... Almighty... the Majestic Wisdom... the Regina!

The Sacred Masculine is the one who gives our words the correct energy, the one who knows that it is not what we say that matters, but how we say it! At first, we think that this very sensitive way of acting is feminine... but in my opinion, this sensitivity that allows me to say the right words at the right time and with the right energy, is characteristic of my Sacred Masculine, as it is the sword luminous light that delimits, that leads and that imbues the word with the correct substance. The Feminine is the music of the word, the layers of silence that are creating the sound sphere where words resonate, it is the hug I give to whoever I speak and the certainty that my words originate from the source of Kindness, Love, of Great Wisdom, the certainty that my words speak directly to the Heart!

A simple question to assess the balance or imbalance of male energy... Are you in a hurry? If you are in a hurry to do something, to achieve some objective, you have too much masculine energy... the best way to balance it is to broaden your perspective to the widest possible sphere (the feminine) in order to properly plan the action, respecting the laws of God Time (laws long forgotten... laws that we need to rescue and integrate into our way of life...)

There will be much more to say about this topic! Immense!!! The Sacred Masculine in us calls for analysis, lucid dialogue, deep introspection! May the Path be opened for this observation and manifestation! I feel that the God of Time tells us yes - It's time - let us take flight on the wings of the Eagle! It is obvious that it is not just men who need to heal their Sacred Masculine. Women need it as much as they do, or even more! Yes, the Sacred Masculine is profound Sensitivity, it is The Great Love that opens the Door to Heaven, showing the Path and freeing the Being from all types of constraints. The Sacred Masculine is sensitivity and also sweetness, the purest sweetness of that which brings in its eyes the mirror of the other in its purest Wholeness...

And I leave this question mark here... What would it be like to look into the eyes of Jesus?