The Touch of Angels


Whispers of a story that was born at the time of the Universe.

Flames are drawn in the perfect line of the Word.

Present in Song and in human tears,

a golden rose now opens its petals:

It exudes its blue perfume more than blue,

and you are so close, they whisper, so close to the beginning of everything!

Poetry is made and unmade in this mystical moment,

A gesture within the void that sometimes goes out and sometimes lights up.

This is where it all begins, whisper the Angels,

in the primordial fire of the Song we sing.

It is the Truth, the one that sees the finite memory

like the point of pain that opens the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life here so present,

in the deep feeling that pacifies everything.

The Angels exalt the Flower and its melodies,

always praising the instant first,

the first pulsation of two Hearts within the Twin Fire!

And the Angels whisper:

There is no way to fear pain when you have so much Love!

This is the Truth, the Deep Life Given to Life

of the first and eternal Instant!