Are we here to be right?


And when the selfishness of others is the Hand of Life giving you a nice push so that you are truly Free? As a collective consciousness, we are all heirs of someone who gave up their Voice, someone who sacrificed themselves, someone who stopped believing in themselves and their gifts, someone who gave in to the pressure of circumstances and ended up transferring their personal power to the another, whom he later came to call: the "selfish"... Life often seems unfair, however, if I don't use or know how to use my Voice properly and when I should do it, how can I point the finger at someone who doesn't recognize my value? To understand the movements of human laws within the collective memory in a peaceful way, redemption to the Cosmic Laws is necessary... redemption to the fair movement of the macrocosm, otherwise the wheel of life will bring us back to the same point of pain where we are again and again - devalued and even humiliated.

It is possible to contemplate life from different perspectives. Let's imagine a point inside a globe. I can contemplate this point inside the globe, I can observe the point inside the globe and under the microscope. I can also move away until I stop seeing the point and start seeing only the globe, which in turn, as I move further away, stops being a globe and becomes a point...

Since the Cosmic Existence is so vast and the stage of Planet Earth is so diverse, I ask: regarding the same situation, how many perspectives can we elaborate? And since perspective influences our discernment, I also ask... is it possible for anyone to be right on this Planet? What perspective is necessary to define the laws and orders that best respect our deepest Reality as individuals and as a collective(s)? These are questions that, once answered, end up resolving many external and internal conflicts. Essentially, the questions I raise are a key to identifying the source of our anger! Once identified, the energy of anger can be released from our bodies and channeled towards building our Wholeness! The one that guarantees our place clean and unbreakable. How many of us live a broken life? By imposing firm limits with Love, nothing and no one stops us, as we are within the movement of the spiral. But if we make the mistake of developing a narrative of self-pity, channeling our energy towards an external aggressor, life will impose on us as many walls as necessary until the necessary change is made so that we enter the spiral, whole. , free and aware that we are the creators of our Reality.

And this brings me to another vision... To change is to die and to be born - to be reborn. Today I saw the word Love in a different way... it appeared like this while I was writing it -

The death. A MORte

It's almost scary to see these two words together. But that's what I saw today. What message does my intuition want to give me by letting me see this consonance between Love and Death?

Being hurt by someone I love and being rejected is a sign that there is a part of my Being that still does not have the Life that is due to it! Rejection is God's protection. So, time presents me with events that may even be traumatic, but whose End is The New Air, a new space to breathe! The Air of my purest Joy - the Air whose current therefore depends on the release of my deepest pain. Faced with pain, the person conditioned by memory(s) says... but I'm right! All mechanisms to avoid pain are activated, and perhaps the most impactful is the one that states - but I'm right! Reason always serves a system of values ​​closely linked to the survival of an idea imbued in the persona's identity. If this idea is questioned, our mind may not even be able to withstand the pressure of such a confrontation, succumbing to the incessant loop of thoughts that affect our nervous system. The trapped mind will repeat the same story over and over again to make it feel right, a loop that keeps us up at night and wants to avoid its "death" as much as possible. What if DEATH is the last resort for Life to be lived in its most LIFE form? And if everything that happens to us arises by virtue of this spiral that appeals to our purest Being - the one that has no attachments to ideas...

When I see the word Death related to Love, I see it in a metaphorical way... an End, a Final Point in a story so intense that it renewed us down to the cellular level! I'm not talking about physical death or anything like that. I speak of Change... and it is when we die that we are born into Eternal Life. Is it possible to live eternal life on Earth? Isn't that precisely where we are all heading?

Where do I intend to go with all these questions?

Today, we either surrender to the mysterious and all-powerful movement of the spiral of creation, or we become trapped in the wheel that inevitably brings us to the old, old, painful places.

From a very broad perspective of Life, one that imbues our day-to-day lives with a sense of Mission, a sense that there is something Greater than us, reason is an interference that can suffocate the necessary Space for Change.. I dare to say that most of the time, reason takes our breath away and is a tremendous source of suffering! There are events in life in which dormant parts of us are called to concrete Existence... parts that, once awakened, make us reinvigorate the fabric of our Sacred Heart, and in a miraculous way... we are reborn, and we don't know how. In the same way that we were born from our Mother's womb, and we don't know how it was possible (what intelligence operates all the biological and sensitive movement for such an event to be possible within this Planet, this Spiral surrounded by other immeasurable spirals?) ... more Once, in a single earthly life, we have the opportunity to be born, but this time, through the fire of illumination that tells us: ... we are not here to be right ... we are here because we are all part of one Spiral that moves without us even having the chance to conceive it through our rationality. However, we can feel Creation, dying and being born into Eternal Life within our Heart as many times as necessary.

Ana Maria Pinto