A New Heart, a New Earth!


There are premonitions that run through our body that confirm our Belonging to the immense Kingdom of Divine Love, a pulse that we capture in our sensations when we let Him Be Who He Is... the Pure Animal, Bridge between Heaven and Earth! Surrendered to the Mystery, I feel what is not translated... to give Life to a new Heart, a Novaterra! 

The entire Cosmos calls for continuous movement and there is no denying its call when we dedicate ourselves entirely to a Mission! We are all born from the common Seed, a word that ignites the spiral of fire and water, which propels us to Ascension! Change, change, change... change is living, living, living! Live in harmony with the pulsation of the stars and the telluric sacredness that inhabits our Body!

Time is running out, says the Body! Renewal, rebirth, resurrection and all the words that rhyme with the substance of Purity are today burning beacons in the hearts that love! They are the Door, the Portal, the True Encounter, the Life that calls Life! Everything can be so beautiful in this dance of Change! Let's break down the walls of illusions, free the bonds, conscious and unconscious attachments that don't make sense on a Path of Light! Let's celebrate and open wide the doors of Sensitivity, Sensuality, Pleasure in Being Alive, being just who We Are and nothing more than that! The Novaterra that we are dreaming of when we sing for Love is simple... it is joyful! Deeply Joyful, Pure and deeply rooted in Tenderness!

So let's dance! Let's manifest the tremendous Being that We Are in Truth! Let's laugh, cry, hug, experience the expressions of Novo Chão! Our Common Ground, our Sun, our Truth!

We are one! One times a thousand to infinity