Uriel and the fire


The crystalline network that embraces Mother Earth receives the immortal glow from Uriel, arriving from the Great Central Sun, from here and beyond, giving the Body the movement of Ascension. A word that is from fire is a word that silences, takes away the voice and takes away reason, takes away everything, absolutely everything! Uriel says: That which was once forgotten because you were born, is now revealed because you have ripened as fruit from the Tree of Life. This silence is Your Flower!

Uriel stares intently at your Existence down to the smallest particle and leaves nothing unsaid, if you call him it is because you are prepared to hear:

Everything has already happened and is happening, feel the Solar Power, feel it - so that the Fire can be lit! It is now, Here and Now that your Name is Named!

Uriel names and lights the names, one by one, of those who embrace the crystalline grid of Mother Earth. One by One and hand in hand, Beings and Earth feed the new crystal being, giving birth to the crystal itself within their bodies. Uriel ignites the Earth and the highest designs so that they become matter - metaphors that are blood and sap, says Uriel - sustain all the Senses as much as you can - so that you see the Life that ascends on Earth, do nothing but nothing.. .and that each gesture has a Principle here.