Yeshua and Matter - Short Meditation


If I observe something, what part of myself gazes back at me?

Here is a question that is important to answer over time until it falls apart. If I look into your eyes and see your depth, it is because the synthesis of all my senses have the desire to translate and find it. In the depths of your gaze and in the grooves of the leaves, in the pollen and in the salt, what face of Existence is lurking? I in You and You in Me, the River in Me, the River in You, the Sea in Us…

Feel, there are natural things that you fall in love with. You feel the heat of the sun or the water touching your body, all the particles are simultaneously seeing themselves again through the sensations of your body - this sustains all matter: fusion.

But what is this reflection for? It is useless without the experience of Life. Yeshua did not contemplate matter in its smallest condition and in its smallest aspect just for himself. Yeshua worked miracles so that Life called Life through himself - through you! Yeshua shared himself just as nature shares itself with you, cyclical, in movement and beautiful. Yeshua incorporated the matter of the Earth into himself in the most perfect Synchrony with the Star and made it visible, the simultaneity, the multi-universe in the gestures of a man.

The Earth became the Celestial Body in the Body of Yeshua and today, if you allow it, he looks directly into your eyes through the bird, the wave and the sand.

Today, the sensitivity of your body and your eyes call Yeshua back! Look, intellectuality is of no use without expressing the evidence of the fact in one's own body, everything dies so that everything can live!

The Voice of the Earth is the one that merges in itself those who observe and are observed, the one that merges into a single point – in the Sound – the vibration that sustains the Spiral. See, the fact that you can observe and feel what you observe is already the Spiral, to call it to Life in its perfect, concrete and objective condition, just allow it, allow yourself to be observed by the sea, the sun, the river, let it fall all the masks, let go of the dead weights of the past, lay bare your Being, allow yourself to be Loved!

Nudity is the most beautiful shelter of the Soul, the favorite poem of the leaf and the bird!

Bright pink sky, open sky in bloom, Yeshua and Magdalena sky that dusk in the most perfect Love. It is the gold of our Body, of our Voice when it shows itself Free and Whole, ready to give back to the Earth what belongs to it, ready to be a Star!