Zadkiel and Ametista


A hissing flame runs through the body that kneels before what it neither knows nor has the means to know. The only symbol that is given to you as an Offering of the Violet Sun is an oval amethyst stone that is ingrained in your cells as a gift that you give to yourself because you knelt.

Phrases from the memory of murky water burn in flames until total dissolution. Says Zadkiel: "You need to understand time and why it exists here, you need to have your eyes in the right place when the moment comes to you!"

Zadkiel contains Amethyst in itself and Amethyst contains Zadkiel in itself, both in the most perfect conformity pour over you the universal milk that nourishes your new Words! There are moments when parts of your body disappear to give birth to what you neither know nor have the means to know. The violet fire surrounds and purifies the Body so that the New Star, the fractal of the Great Central Sun, shines within itself. Zadkiel tells me:

"It's not Self-Love, it's the matter within the matter in which neither the self nor the self exists. To get here you just need to feel a sentence of murky water to your bones. From there you will arrive step by step, within the memory, to the space in which it no longer exists. The murky water is already glorification in this moment when the Angels and the Angel in You sing the only melody of liberation! Notice how your body has accessed the new Words: through radical acceptance of the persona created layer upon layer from lineages within lineages. The hissing flame enters the scar and that is where the alchemy happens, that is where the Magician acts on Earth. What remains after? Your Word Intact. When the you say, you no longer say it from history, nor from the narrative of the collective, your Word comes from the unlimited, from what you neither know nor can know - it comes from Wisdom. It is then that the Master and Mistress act in You and through You."

Zadkielshows me the amethyst color, opening my eyes to the Path to be followed, and says again: "you need to understand time and why it exists here, you need to have your eyes in the right place when the moment arrives. you!"

And here, total dissolution and ecstasy, matter within matter to infinity, Love for oneself that becomes the most exalted Universal Love. Yeshua here, in this place, sings the Song of his Soul, of the Soul of each One, of the Soul of the Earth, of the Bird and of the Water, all in one Place - The Heart... Yeshua who saw within his eyes the Love Presence of the elements, matter within matter, brought it to your fingertips and your hands in the Miracle Heart.

Inside and Outside become one movement, Yeshua And Magdalena... Sananda and Lady Nada... The Name within the Name, the Only Name... the Word.